Headmaster’s Initiatives

This year’s donations will help Fuel Georgian Dreams: Arts, Wellness, Scholarships. These initiatives will be funded by the College’s Headmaster’s Initiatives.

New Centre for the Arts
Our Chapel has always been regarded as the jewel of our campus. As we set our priorities for this year, one of our key initiatives is to make this  cherished gem shine even brighter. We plan to achieve this by renovating  the Chapel’s basement, transforming it into a modern New Arts Centre. This centre will comprise two spacious areas, one dedicated to Instrumental Music and the other to our Media Arts program. Additionally, it will offer  several private practice rooms, providing our students with the ideal space to  hone their musical talents, and feature an Arts Lounge, to facilitate collaborative work among students. Once again, we are privileged to collaborate with Tye Farrow, a distinguished Canadian architect who previously designed the  renovations for Ketchum Hall and our Junior School. Tye’s innovative design emphasizes the significance of light, space, and natural materials. Integrating these elements into our educational spaces reflects our commitment to  enhancing the overall quality of education. Such considerations can have a positive impact on students’ physical and mental well-being, enriching their learning experiences and nurturing a greater sense of environmental responsibility. Ultimately, these elements come together to cultivate an environment that fosters growth, creativity, and a profound connection to  the world around us. 

Wellness Spaces  
Creating spaces for wellness is crucial for promoting the overall well-being of our students and staff. This will include enhancing the Fitness and Training  Centre with additional equipment to support physical health. We will also allocate resources to prioritize Mind/Body Wellness through new spaces.

Other Campus Improvements 
Your donations will also help support campus improvement initiatives. These funds will aid in upgrading campus security by replacing  outdated security cameras and related infrastructure. Donations will  also contribute to the continuous restoration and maintenance of St. Alban’s Chapel, including outfitting the chapel with improved AV equipment and restoring stained glass windows. Additionally, the  funds will support ecological improvements such as tree planting, and upgrading inefficient systems, which may include replacing windows and mechanical equipment to enhance energy efficiency. 

Scholarships and Bursaries
A Georgian education is a remarkable life-changing experience, and for that reason we continue to prioritize our Manners Maketh Men  Scholarship and Bursary Fund to ensure that RSGC remains accessible to all boys, regardless of financial considerations. Our continued belief in the importance of scholarships and bursaries is rooted in the understanding that by removing financial barriers and fostering excellence, individuals are empowered to become Georgians and, ultimately, make  significant contributions to society. The world needs more Georgians.