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  • March

    Working the Front Lines: Priya Chopra, General Surgeon

    Priya Chopra, mother of Grade 9 student Arjun Deckha, works as a general surgeon at the William Osler Health System in Brampton. Her practice is focused on the surgical treatment of breast cancer.  However, much has changed since the COVID-19 outbreak.
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  • Feed the Frontlines

    Adair Roberts, mother of James (Class of 2024) and Duncan (Class of 2023), works in the mental health and addiction sector. In mid-March, after Toronto restaurants and bars were ordered to close, only providing delivery and take-out in an effort to curb the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, Adair wanted to help. 
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  • A Great Week of Spirit!

    Spirit Week is one of the year’s most anticipated and fun weeks of the year. In the Junior School, the boys enjoyed Beach day, Pyjama Day, jersey and graphic shirt day, house colour grub day and plenty of dodge ball. 
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  • Camp RSGC

    With rotating strikes affecting public schools across the city, many staff members at the College have been stuck with child care arrangements. That’s when Headmaster Beatty ’86 and the team stepped in to offer Camp RSGC for our RSGC “cousins”, as we so lovingly call the staff children. 
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  • Grade 10s in Mattawa

    By Matthew Mooney
    On February 4, RSGC’s Grade 10 boys loaded their gear onto buses and headed to the wilds of Mattawa, Ont., to spend the week at the Canadian Ecology Centre. The purpose of this trip was for the boys to spend time outside, build relationships, learn about nature and challenge themselves to do something beyond their comfort zone.
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  • Healthy Food Choices

    Options for healthy food and snacks in the kitchen continue to grow, thanks to Aramark’s dedication to creating a culture of health and wellness. 
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  • Navigating the Rocky Terrain of Technology

    By Sydney Stoyan
    Parents of boys in Grades 6 through 10 gathered in Ketchum Hall on February 25 to listen to a panel of experts – Lisa Pont, MSW, and our own team of Andrea Kaye, Stefanie Turner and Danielle Rovinski – to talk about “problem technology” and our boys. 
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  • Success on the Slopes

    RSGC has added some hardware to its ski and snowboard collections after a successful season on the slopes. 
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  • February

    FYP Develops Budding Consultants

    For the fifth straight year, Grade 9 students are engaged in their Foundation Year Projects (FYP). In previous years, boys have been asked to research a problem and try to find a solution; however, for the second year in a row, they are teaming up with community partners, who come into the school to present an authentic challenge they are currently facing.
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  • Jamie Cardy ’12 Shares his Struggles

    Just over a year after losing his close friend Patrick Coffey ’12, Jamie Cardy ’12 came back to his high school to speak to his fellow Georgians. It’s not an easy message to share, but he doesn’t want history to repeat itself. 
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  • Meet Dr. Jim Leatch

    Learn a little bit about the College’s interim Chaplin in this Q&A. 
    HM: How are you enjoying your new role? 
    JL: I love it. I love the variety and the different aspects of it. I’m still teaching and coaching, and now I’m also organizing the chapel program.
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  • Mental Health Week

    Mental Health and Wellness Week, from January 27-31, was full of speakers and activities in the Junior and Senior Schools. Every morning started off with something to eat – either oatmeal, hot chocolate or parfait – to ensure the boys were ready for a productive day of learning. 
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  • Hidden Gems Impresses

    The 10th annual Hidden Gems concert on January 30 impressed the crowd, as always. 
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  • January

    Georgian at Hand: Matt Rubinoff ‘96, Founder of stackt

    By Riley Wong '12
    In April of 2019, Toronto opened its eyes to a structure made of over 100 shipping containers. Together, they form the stackt market: an ever changing and evolving marketplace that has contributed to the city’s growing cultural identity.
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