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  • November

    Mental Health at RSGC: Additional Student Wellness Support

    RSGC has entered into a pilot program aimed at improving mental wellness support at Toronto high schools. The College has partnered with Overflo, a mental wellness support program designed specifically for youth. 
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  • Mental Health at RSGC: Counselling

    RSGC has two qualified, registered social workers on staff: Andrea Kaye and Danielle Rovinksi.
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  • Mental Health at RSGC: Mental Health & Wellness Weeks

    Well-being and mental health is on everyone’s mind, at every school. And while it’s a focus every day, year-round at RSGC, the Mental Health and Wellness Weeks really bring mental health to the forefront. 
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  • Mental Health at RSGC: Mental Health Education

    There are many opportunities throughout the year for Mental Health Education to be embedded into the school day.
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  • Mental Health at RSGC: Pride Day

    This year was the third annual Pride Day at the College. 
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  • October

    Advisor Mentor Groups

    Last year for the first time, the Grade 10 to 12 Senior School Advisor Groups had a Mentorship component with alumni mentors. 
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  • Orange Shirt Day

    RSGC was a sea of orange on September 30, as the College took part in Orange Shirt Day. 
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  • Photographer Andrew Lahodynskyj ’08 Visits Media Arts Class

    Alumnus Andrew Lahodynskyj ’08 came back to RSGC in early October to spend the day taking photographs of the boys and the campus. 
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  • September

    Artists Among Us

    See House had a new addition to start the school year. The third-floor Stairwell Gallery is exhibiting “Artists Among Us”, an exhibit showcasing the works of faculty and staff. 
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  • Outdoor Ed Trips a Great Intro to School

    Every school year begins with the Grade 9 Outdoor Education trip to Camp Arowhon, while shortly after, the Grade 7s head to Camp Onondaga. 
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  • Early Bonding through Outdoor Education

    Boys in Grades 7 and 9 had a easy opportunity to get to know each other when they each spent several days up at camp during the first weeks of school.
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  • May

    An Early Introduction to Engineering in the DES

    If you walk by the Design Engineering Studio (DES) at any given time, you will likely find Senior School boys in there working. But now you may also find a sprinkling of Grade 5 students. Senior Master Chris D’Arcy has designed a six-session program over a span of three weeks for the Grade 5’s. 
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  • Grade 8 Boys Take Action

    The Action Project, which in previous years saw the boys in Grade 8 learn about social issues and attempt to come up with possible solutions, has shifted this year to working with the Youth and Philanthropy Initiative (YPI). 
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  • Sporting Life 10K

    Over 80 members of the Georgian community spent Mother’s Day morning running down Yonge Street for the Sporting Life 10K. Joining almost 17,500 athletes, Georgian students, staff, parents, alumni and past parents sported their distinctive Manners Maketh Men shirts for the race. 
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  • St. Andrews a Popular Choice for Georgians

    Leaving the comfort of Royal St. George’s College to head off to university is both exciting and daunting for the graduating class. While most Georgians stick to schools in Canada, the United Kingdom is becoming a popular destination for our students. 
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  • What a Party!

    Thank you to all for celebrating the Back to the 80’s Prom Gala with us. Proceeds from this event will benefit the final phase of the Junior School Redevelopment Plan and our Manners Maketh Men Scholarship and Bursary Fund.
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  • April

    A Special Trip for the Class of 2020

    By Wil Lenkov, Class of 2020
    For many of us, our first full day on the Grade 11 outdoor education trip began at 4:45 am in the lobby of the Marriott hotel at the Calgary Airport. Although the staff at Alive Outdoors teaches the importance of challenges and expanding our comfort zones, I doubt this is what they had in mind. 
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  • A Successful Debating Season

    RSGC’s debate team capped off a successful season with a first-place finish at the third and final Fulford League debate of the year. Grade 12 student Andrew Martin ended his RSGC debating career by winning the Aija Zommers Award for the Top Senior Speaker. 
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  • Capstone Conference Gathered Students from across the GTA

    RSGC’s AP Capstone Seminar course is a very popular elective in the Senior School, with more than a third of boys in Grade 11 taking part in the extremely difficult class with a large workload. One of their main tasks throughout the course is to conduct several months’ worth of research into a topic of their choosing, write a 2,000-word paper about it and then publicly present and defend the findings of that paper. 
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  • Scary, Crazy and Clueless

    By Clare Samworth
    Yes, that’s how our kids describe us, according to Catherine Steiner-Adair, author of The Big Disconnect, Protecting Childhood and Family Relationships in the Digital Age and featured speaker in a packed Ketchum Hall on April 8.
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  • March

    A Great Week of Spirit!

    Spirit Week is one of the year’s most anticipated and fun weeks of the year. 
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  • A Unique Math Challenge

    The Grade 7s recently finished a project called 1 to 100, where each boy received a unique set of four numbers and was tasked to use those numbers and their math concepts to create 100 equations that resulted in the answer of every single number between 1 and 100. 
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  • Advisor Challenges a Big Hit

    A big part of Senior School life is Advisor Groups. The groups get together once a week and are led by a teacher who serves as the advisor of the same group for the majority of a student’s Senior School experience. 
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  • Hidden Gems: Always Impressive

    On February 7, members of our community came out to showcase their talents. Teacher Cathie Gryfe-Seeley, who has been both an organizer and a performer, was incredibly impressed by this year’s show and proud of the performers. 
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  • U16 Basketball Team Goes Undefeated

    The U16 basketball team, with co-coaches Mike Ruscitti and Peter Sarellas, had an incredible regular season with an 8-0 record. Mr. Ruscitti, who has been coaching at the school for the past eight years, can’t remember going undefeated. So, what has made this team work so well together? 
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  • February

    Inspiring Our Boys to Read

    “I can’t get my son to read.” This is a lament English teachers sometimes hear from exasperated parents, worried that their sons are not developing the literacy they need to succeed. 
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  • Animal Therapy

    Boys in the Junior School enjoyed some animal love, when some dogs visited their classrooms during Mental Health Awareness Week. The boys had a chance to pet and cuddle their furry friends. 
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  • Joanna Henderson: Cannabis and Youth

    By Sydney Stoyan, Guild Second Vice President
    No one tells you when you’re a teenager that one day, you’ll morph into your own parent, trying to find your way through the mass amounts of information about vaping, JUULs, edibles and opioids. Parenting is not for the faint of heart.
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  • Junior School Mental Health Week

    This year’s Mental Health Awareness Week in the Junior School had plenty of workshops, activities, learning opportunities, relaxation and guest speakers. 
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  • Mental Health Pin

    The boys have a new pin to add to their lapels and while it looks a regular Georgian shield, it’s actually related to mental health. Phys Ed teacher Adrian Thornbury came up with the idea of the RSGC - coloured shield after being inspired by the indigenous medicine wheel and the concept of “mind, body and spirit”. 
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  • Sharing Struggles

    In the Senior School, boys were asked to take the time to write down on a card something that they’re struggle with. The cards would be shared with their classmates and posted on a wall in the main office. 
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  • Wine Donation Days: February 27 & 28

    Get ready for the party of the year! RSGC’s Back to the 80’s PROM Gala is taking place on Friday, April 26 at Rebel Entertainment Complex. 
    The success of the event is made possible through generous contributions from our community. 
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