RSGC Alumni Association

The Royal St. George’s College Alumni Association (RSGCAA) creates, maintains and enhances relations among RSGC alumni, alumni parents, students, faculty, former faculty, staff and friends of the College with a view to fostering loyalty and support for RSGC and for each other.

We strive to ensure that alumni and the activities of the Association are visible within the College, so that current students understand that the values associated with the Georgian Spirit last a lifetime.

The RSGCAA annually reviews all our events and services in order to explore new opportunities for alumni of all ages to maintain and expand their lasting connection to the College.

The volunteers of the Alumni Association Executive Committee demonstrate their commitment to the College by working in consultation with the school’s Advancement & Alumni Development Office to facilitate ongoing financial support of the school by its graduates.

Alumni are encouraged to consider RSGC as a school for their sons, grandsons, nephews, neighbours and other boys with Georgian qualities.

The lines of communication among the Board of Governors, the Headmaster, the Foundation, the Georgian Parents’ Guild Executive and the Alumni Executive are reviewed annually to share and exchange news and information.

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  • RSGC Alumni Association Executive 2023/24

    Connor Byrne ‘13, President
    Elias Blahacek '13, Vice President
    Scott Ackley '04, Events Committee
    Eddie Beqaj ’08, Past President
    Drew Blanchette '96, Events Committee
    Will Blanco '15, Mentorship Committee
    John Buckingham '71, Member at Large
    Rudro Chakrabarti '10, Communications Committee
    Brendan Farrow '12, Sponsorship Committee
    Will Fripp ’88, Inter-alumni(ae) Initiative
    Conor Gordon ’09, Mentorship Committee
    Stewart Hayes '94, Mental Health Initiatives
    Mack Horton '13, Mental Health and DEI Initiatives
    Noah Luder '13, Sponsorship Committee
    Ben Mason ’11, Mentorship Committee
    Otis Moore '15, Arts Initiatives
    James Reble '10, Sponsorship Committee
    Harry Reddon '13, Mental Health & DEI Initiatives
    Andrew Savory ’11, Communication Committee
    Alex Spears '15, Mental Health & DEI Initiatives

Honorary Old Boys

The Honourary Old Boy distinction is awarded to members of the RSGC community who have made a significant and positive contribution to the College.

A select group of people have been named Old Boys of the College over the years:

John (Jack) L. Wright - Class of 1978
Mary McKellar - Class of 1981
John R. Latimer - Class of 1996
Evelyn Miller - Class of 2010
Gage Love - Class of 2011
Giles Bryant - Class of 2013
Wanda Ho - Class of 2017
David Mather - Class of 2018

Photo: John R. Latimer

RSGC Old Boy?

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RSGCAA Strategic Plan 2019-2024

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    To create lifelong Georgians.

    To build a community of lifelong Georgians who are valued supporters, advocates and active program participants, who contribute to and benefit from the connections to each other and to the School. 
  • GOAL #1

    Create Value: 
    • Priority #1 Relationships - Create more value across all RSGCAA initiatives to build a stronger network and community of alumni.

    • Priority #2 Citizenship - Create meaningful opportunities for alumni to give back time, talent or gifts to the College.
  • GOAL #2

    Redefine how we communicate with alumni:
    • Priority #3 Readership - Grow the number of alumni reading and engaging with our various communications pieces/channels

    • Priority #4 Membership - Focus on improving the quality of the information we have in our database
  • GOAL #3

    Improve Operations:
    • Priority #5 Leadership - Improve the RSGCAA's relationship and relevance with its members through proper governance, transparency, accountability and strategic oversight.

    • Priority #6 Measurement - Use metrics to track success and make continuous improvements to our programs and offerings.