The Georgian Parents Guild

Thank you for virtually visiting! We hope we get to see you in person soon.
The Georgian Parents Guild is the name of our parents association, and as a parent, you are automatically a member.
The Guild’s purpose is to foster parent connection. We believe parent involvement creates an enduring, engaged community. With dedicated volunteers — some of whom volunteer one hour a year and others who volunteer one hour a week — we strive for meaningful teamwork executed with integrity and kindness.
The Guild host coffees, evening socials, uniform and textbook sales, workshops, and speakers. Last year, we managed to stay connected (and entertained!) with a series of Zoom events, which had us discussing books, drinking wine, looking at art, and practicing yoga.
We also support RSGC’s fundraising initiatives. We contribute to capital improvements as well as provide for financial aid bursaries. We have funded equipment and resources for the gym, for music and academic programs, for graduation awards, and for St. Alban’s, our campus chapel.
We have a special parent body, and we invite you to get in touch with us.
We also look forward to seeing you soon! Our upcoming events are listed below.
If you have any questions about the Guild, or anything else school-related, please feel free to drop me a line.
Thank you!
Sarah Balzer
President 2021/22

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  • Meet the Executive

    Meet the Executive
    The Executive is made up of the President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Past President. We meet monthly to set agendas and discuss Guild initiatives, and prepare for our monthly meetings, to which all parents are invited.
    Sarah is the mother of Max (Class of 2026) and Conrad (Class of 2028), and has been a class parent and parent ambassador since her kids came to the school. Sarah is American, and moved to Toronto from London, England. Her career was in the music industry, and now she has a small jewellery business called Daily Pearls. 

    Miranda is the chief laundry folder for Callum (Class of 2024), William (Class of 2026), Henry (Class of 2028) and Hamish (Class of 2030). She fell in love with RSGC the first time she visited the campus, and is grateful for the opportunity to support the school through the Guild. Born in the Bahamas, Miranda now lives a short walk north from the school with the boys, her husband, two dogs and her chickens.

    Caron is the mother of Cian Bryson (Class of 2022) and has been class parent and co-convenor of the Cheese Sale in the past at RSGC. Since leaving ESL teaching to focus on her family, Caron has become an active volunteer at her children’s schools and has been pursing personal interests in education and music, including RSGC's Rusty Knights.
    Adair is the mother of Duncan (Class of 2023) and James (Class of 2024). She is grateful to RSGC not only for being a wonderful school for her boys, but for fostering connection and community among RSGC families. This fall, in addition to continuing her work in the mental health sector, Adair is both excited and terrified to return to school to begin training to become a Clinical Psychologist, a long-held aspiration.  
    Sydney is the mother of Jacob (Class of 2021) and Gabriel Buchan (Class of 2024) and has been an active member of the Guild since her boys first came to RSGC in 2015. She is passionate about books and film and bringing parents together. She has a PhD in English Literature and a very good sense of humour.
  • Getting Involved

    Covid restrictions have made it difficult for us to connect with each other, and difficult for us to volunteer in person. But rather than be defeated by this, it has driven us to try to find more ways to do things together.
    We don’t know how this school year will look, so we invite you to come out to the in-person events we’re pleased to have on the calendar now — the Welcome Back Drop-in Coffees on first few days of school, the Parent Connections Breakfast Socials starting Friday, September 24, and the Small Group Backyard Gatherings on Wednesday, October 6.
    We’ll stay flexible and creative as the school year goes on. If you’d like to help us do this, or have any questions about events coming up, please get in touch!

Contact the Guild

Georgian Parents' Guild Executive

Guild Dates and Events

This is by no means a comprehensive list of forthcoming events but for now, please mark your calendars! 

Guild Meetings

The Guild Meeting will be held on Zoom for the 2021/22 school year. If you would like to join the meetings, please contact Sarah Balzer for the link. 

November 10: 5:30 pm 
December 1: 9:00 am 
January 12: 5:30 pm 
February 9: 9:00 am 
*no meeting in March* 
April 6: 5:30 pm 
May 25: AGM 9:00 am

Monthly Breakfast Socials

Monthly breakfasts at Pauper's Pub from 8:00-10:00 am. Tickets required. 

September 24 
October 22
November 19
December 10