RSGC's Knight Vision

RSGC's new strategic plan has a bold new vision. The plan is built on four pillars: The Georgian Brand: A Promise Lived and Shared; Excellence in Teaching and Learning; A Strong and Healthy Community; and A Financially Secure and Sustainable Future.

Moving Forward with Strong Traditions

RSGC's Knight Vision sustains and strengthens the things about the College that should never change, while laying out a vision of what can be. We are building from a place of strength.

The Strategic Plan has four goals and seven strategic priorities. 

GOAL #1: The Georgian Brand: A Promise Lived and Shared

  • Strategic Priority 1: We must live our Georgian Values, everywhere and always.
  • Strategic Priority 2: We must share the story of the Georgian experience.

GOAL #2: Excellence in Teaching and Learning

  • Strategic Priority 3: We must attract, develop and retain the best faculty and staff.
  • Strategic Priority 4:We must ensure our academics, programs and learning spaces meet our boys’ current and future needs

GOAL #3: A Strong and Healthy Community

  • Strategic Priority 5: We must have a more diverse experience and school.
  • Strategic Priority 6: We must have a cohesive, healthy and resilient community.

GOAL #4: A Financially Secure and Sustainable School

  • Strategic Priority 7: We must ensure our business model is sustainable for current and future Georgians.

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List of 7 items.

  • Our Vision

    Life-long Georgians ready to use their scholarship, compassion, conscience and courage to make a difference.
  • Our Mission

    To challenge and inspire each boy to become the best version of himself.
  • To challenge and inspire…

    Our teachers challenge and inspire boys to reach higher and go further. Our teachers ignite and model a love of learning. Our programs open the minds of our boys to new horizons, new thinking and new possibilities.
  • each boy…

    We value the uniqueness of each boy. Each boy will be “known and loved.” Each boy will be challenged and supported academically, athletically, artistically, socially and emotionally.
  • to become the best version of himself…

    The best version of himself understands that “manners maketh men.” The best version of himself is an inquisitive, creative and collaborative problem-solver, and has a strong academic preparation that opens doors in his future. The best version of himself is engaged in a breadth of experiences, takes initiative and honours his commitments. The best version of himself is cultivated through authentic relationships with outstanding educators who are passionate about their students and learning. 
  • The best version of himself is a Georgian.

    We believe that our world needs more Georgians. Our College will continue to evolve so that each Georgian develops a special set of attributes. Our aspiration is that each Georgian:
    • is inquisitive, creative and collaborative
    • is resilient and able to adapt and thrive
    • has moral character and spiritual strength
    • is kind, polite and caring
    • has a global mindset and community awareness
    • takes initiative and honours his commitments
    • values continuous learning
    • gives back to his communities
    • continues to be engaged in the Georgian community throughout his life
  • Our Values

    What Do We Believe? What Are Our Values? 

    We believe that boys come to school to learn and that above all else, we should tend to that with great care. We believe that school should be challenging and meaningful. We believe that knowledge matters; our collective future relies on us knowing more than we do today and acting purposefully on what we learn. 

    We believe that each boy should be known and loved and that learning takes place within relationships. Our boys bring all of themselves to school. Their unique character should be seen and honoured. We believe joy and laughter belong here. 

    We believe that boys can be good and ambitious at the same time. They should be held to a high standard. Sometimes, pushing our boys to be more, to do more, or to act more thoughtfully and courageously, is the most loving thing we can do as adults. Here, boys are held accountable for their choices. 

    We believe in character and in doing the right thing. We believe in caring for one another, in integrity and putting others before ourselves. We continue to be inspired by our founders who insisted that “Manners Maketh Men.” 

    We believe that boys should ask spiritual questions. These questions are central to a full and purposeful life. All are welcome here: we celebrate our diverse and multi-faith community and honour our Anglican traditions. 

    We believe that scholarship and service are twin aims. Whenever we can, we make connections with the city and world beyond our gate, to learn from others and to share what we have learned, and to serve wherever we can help. We believe in being a positive force in the world, and that knowledge and duty grow together. 

    This is our Code. We are Georgians.