Small School - Urban Location

RSGC is a small school set in the heart of downtown Toronto, and those two characteristics play a major role in defining our athletic program.

Our downtown location means we have access to some of the finest athletic facilities in the city, many of them at walking distance - we list some of them at the right side of this page. On campus our own full-sized gymnasium is the venue for varsity basketball, volleyball and badminton teams. A major upgrade of our outdoor facilities added a patch of artificial turf large enough for our youngest athletes to scrimmage, and where teams of all ages can mount practices and drills.

We are a small school, which means that even developing athletes can find a spot on many of our competitive teams. And that said, teams at RSGC still compete at a high level and bring home more than their share of championships, so strong athletes can be confident they will have a chance to play at their own level. Truly elite athletes also have a home here, and we work with them to accommodate opportunities for training and competition that take them away from school.

Teams by Season

List of 3 items.

  • Fall

    • Cross-Country
    • Soccer - Senior, U16, U14, U12
    • Volleyball - Senior, U16, U14
  • Winter

    • Alpine Skiing - Senior Levels 1 & 2
    • Basketball - Senior, U16, U14, U12
    • Hockey - Varsity, Junior Varsity, U14
    • Swimming
  • Spring

    • Badminton - Senior, U16, U14
    • Baseball
    • Golf
    • Softball - U14, U12
    • Tennis
    • Track and Field - Senior and Junior
    • Ultimate Frisbee - Senior, U16, U14


List of 3 items.

  • Soccer Fields

    • Varsity Stadium, University of Toronto
    • Christie Pits
    • Cherry Beach Fields
  • Hockey Rinks

    • Bill Bolton Arena
    • Forest Hill Memorial Arena
  • Others

    • Pool at St. Alban's Boys' and Girls' Club
    • Woodington Lake Golf Club
    • High Park - cross-county
    • Mayfair Racquet Club- tennis