Health and Wellness at RSGC

Health and Wellness at RSGC
At RSGC, our community's health, wellness and safety are our top priorities. We are proud to have many people who work to ensure our students and employees are well-cared for and supported each and every day.

For the 2023-24 school year, COVID-19 vaccinations are not required but are strongly encouraged as per advice from the Government of Ontario – “All Ontarians aged five years and older are encouraged to get their booster dose, as evidence shows that vaccine protection decreases over time.”

If someone in your family is experiencing symptoms, we encourage you to use the Government of Ontario’s self-assessment tool. The City of Toronto is also a great source of information for COVID-19, and also includes information on what to do if you are a close contact of someone who has tested positive for COVID-19. You can also find more information about COVID-19 on Public Health Ontario’s website.

RSGC will continue to follow guidance and best practices recommended by Public Health authorities with respect to controlling the spread of infectious disease. As always, we encourage hand washing, sanitizing as needed, and we are a mask-friendly school. The Government of Canada has a video on hand washing, which you may find useful.

The Health Centre
Located at 128 Howland Avenue, our school has a Health Centre staffed by a full-time Registered Nurse, who provides care and resources to our students, staff and families. Nurse Moe attends all outdoor education experiences, attends athletic events and oversees care plans for students recovering from concussions and other medical concerns. The Health Centre played a key role in screening and safety during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, and it continues to be an important resource on our campus.

Mental Health Support and Resources
RSGC has multiple Register Social Workers at the school, who promote awareness of matters relating to personal well-being in our school community. They are available to counsel students and families on any issues which may affect a student’s achievement and his emotional development.

In the summer of 2022, our staff participated in Mental Health First Aid Certification training for adults working with adolescents to learn how to provide help to a student showing signs of declining mental well-being or being in crisis. This course and certification taught staff how to create a non-judgemental spare for kids to open up, to identify emerging mental health problems and to determine when intervention is necessary. The First Aid method gave our employees the confidence to help students who need it.

Future Plans
Through our Annual Giving campaign, we are planning to renovate the lower level of 128 Howland Avenue to create a student hub for physical activity and mindfulness. This new space will provide opportunities for new programming, mentorship and leadership, while fostering a healthy mindset in our students. The space would offer a place for students to participate in gymnastics, dance, yoga, spinning and cooperative games, as well as mindfulness activities, such as medication and relaxation exercises.

We want to hear from you regarding any questions you have about health, safety and wellness at RSGC. Please email the School Nurse and your question will be addressed shortly.