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Co-curricular Involvement

Being Georgian means getting involved beyond academics. RSGC makes it easy for you to do that, with plenty of opportunities both during community time and after school. From acting in the school play or building the play’s set to managing the ball hockey league or debating a heated topic, there is surely something on the extensive menu to whet your appetite. And if there’s not, create something! RSGC encourages and facilitates students starting up their own clubs.

Junior School Clubs

Clubs in the Junior School are constantly evolving and changing. Here is a recent list of offerings: 
  • Lego Challenge Club
  • Trivia Club
  • Media Creation Club
  • Pokemon Drawing Club
  • Chess Club
  • Les Petits Chefs
  • Rubik’s Cubing Club
  • Friday Fitness
  • Virtual Field Trip Club
  • Reach for the Top Trivia Club
  • Backgammon Club
  • Model Parliament
  • Global Math
  • Instrumental Jazz Club

Senior School Clubs

Clubs in the School School are constantly evolving and changing. Here is a recent list of offerings: 
  • Affinity Groups
  • Board Games Club
  • Book Club
  • Business Club
  • Climbing Club
  • Cooking Club
  • Debating
  • Digital Arts Club
  • Dungeons & Dragons
  • Entrepreneurship Club
  • Environment Club
  • FIFA Trading Club
  • Fitness Club
  • Gamers' Union
  • GankBusters
  • Gender Sexuality Alliance
  • Grade Representatives
  • Guitar Club
  • Intramural Football
  • Intramural Soccer
  • Junior Jazz Band
  • Magic the Gathering Club
  • Math Club
  • Painting 28mm Miniatures Club
  • Peer Tutoring
  • Poker Club
  • Reach for the Top
  • Robotics Team
  • Running Club
  • School Play
  • Skatepark Club
  • Speakers' Union
  • Stand Up Comedy Club
  • Stocks Club
  • The Bible Study Club
  • The Howlander
  • Vinyl Club
  • Web Design Club
  • What's Trending? Club
  • Yearbook Club

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