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House System

House System

The purpose of the house system is to promote school spirit and provide an opportunity for students to compete in a variety of activities: academic, athletic, dramatic and musical. We hope that each student becomes involved and will take advantage of these opportunities to build upon current strengths and develop new interests.

Students and staff are assigned to one of four houses. The houses represent three major English cathedrals (Canterbury, Winchester, York Minster) and Westminster Abbey.

The houses compete in such activities as the Terry Fox Run, house debating and house drama competitions. There are other activities such as house trivia, house charades, Name that Tune, and house league games. There are food and book drives, various clubs, the highlight of house activity is Spirit Week in February. Students accumulate individual house points as they participate, which in turn contribute toward the overall total for their house. In the Senior School, as students reach certain individual point totals, they receive chevrons to add to the house pin they wear on their blazer.

Gold Pin  2750 points
Gold 2200 points
Silver 1650 points
Bronze 1100 points
White 550 points

House Points

Individual students earn house points for participating in extra-curricular activities. These activities may include but are not limited to: clubs, sports teams, drama productions, debating, extra-curricular music, serving, school leadership and miscellaneous events.

To put things in perspective, a student who participates in at least one team and one club activity per term, with three terms per year, over four years, would accumulate around 1200 house points.

The house standings are determined by summing the point totals of the students in that house. The house competition culminates on Prize Day in June, with the awarding of the J. L. Wright Cup to the house that has amassed the most points, and the Gilbride Cup to the individual who has earned the most points.