Georgian Life

Student Leadership

Learning to Lead

At RSGC, being a mature member of the community means finding a venue through which to contribute to the betterment of the school and extended community. Student Leaders are asked to discover areas of school life that are of particular interest to them and find ways to augment opportunities for other participants. The model of Distributed Leadership discourages hierarchical organizational structures and encourages boys to seek out other like-minded individuals who can support or join them in creating exciting opportunities. True leadership is determined by actions, behaviour and attitudes, not titles, though at times, positions are formalized as described below.

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  • Prefectship


    The concept of servant leadership guides the student leadership model at RSGC. Students learn through experience that the best leaders put themselves at the service of others in order to improve the community in which they live and operate. Prefect candidates are asked , “Why do you want to be a prefect? What are you prepared to “give” to the school?

    What are your personal goals? How serious are you in following through on the responsibilities as outlined below?” They are encouraged to discuss these thoughts with parents, advisors and other teachers.
  • Stewardship


    Stewards are individuals who demonstrate outstanding leadership and service within the school throughout the year. Stewards offer to partner with specific staff members to help organize and promote elements of interest to other students. Staff may also nominate stewards based on their observations of on-going, significant leadership.
  • House Captains

    House Captains

    House Captains serve the College in many ways: they are responsible for organizing, planning and delivering Thursday assemblies that often include skits, videos and school announcements; and they help plan and organize many events such as dances, Halloween activities, monthly food drive initiatives, Winter Spirit Week and Georgians Have Talent. The Captains are also devoted House members and are involved in the planning and promoting of House spirit through House activities.

    There are two Grade 11 captains selected for each house by student voting in September.
  • Outdoor Education Leaders

    Outdoor Education Leaders

    Throughout the year, there are many opportunities for Senior School students to act as leaders on Outdoor Education trips. The core roles, duties and responsibilities of a student leader include supervision, assisting camp instructors and teachers, leading by example and helping to transfer the camp experience back to the school community.  RSGC Outdoor Education student leaders act as role models of true Georgian qualities. Students who are interested in this type of leadership position have the opportunity to attend a leadership retreat in the spring. The goal of the retreat is to prepare these student leaders with the skills they will need to become mentors at RSGC in the coming school year.