Student Support

Guidance and Learning Services

Learning support in both the Junior and Senior Schools is grounded in the College’s mission “to challenge and inspire each boy to become the best version of himself”. The Learning Centre supports ALL students and aims to assist each student in developing an understanding of his unique learning style.
RSGC offers a range of services in order to promote optimum success. We strive to provide effective, appropriate, meaningful and accessible services to all students. Our  team is dedicated to helping young people better understand their educational opportunities, to know and appreciate themselves, and to relate effectively to others. We strive to promote positive mental health and access to appropriate support for all of our students.
"The most outstanding aspect of his six years at the school is the degree to which his teachers really got to know him as a student, and were invested in, and in fact dedicated to, helping him achieve his potential." ~ RSGC Parent

Learning Strategies

Learning Strategies are instructional strategies to help students attend, listen, read, comprehend and study more effectively in order to achieve successful task completion. Strategies are established on the student’s individual learning style and needs. These strategies include improved memory, writing techniques, reading comprehension techniques, organizational, time management and test-taking skills.

Learning Strategies Support Services are accessible to all students. In addition, specialized Individual Education Plans (IEP) are created to support students with formally documented learning needs in order to provide students with ongoing support while continuing their academic studies.

Spiritual Support

Our School also has a full-time chaplain on staff who is prepared to assist students of any faith at any time, for any reason. He coordinates our religious services and counsels students on spiritual matters. 

The Chaplain is an ordained Anglican minister committed to offering the daily offices of prayer in the Chapel and elsewhere. The school celebrates Holy Eucharist with the entire College in attendance on saints days and other significant holy days, and for those who wish to take part, there is a weekly, early-morning Eucharist.

These services are celebrated for the entire College community, observing the rites of the Anglican tradition. All students, staff and family members are welcome to participate.

The Chaplain also provides links to spiritual guides and counselors in the many other spiritual traditions at the request of students or staff. And the Chaplain is involved in outreach opportunities in such areas at Out of the Cold, the Terry Fox Run and other events and programmes.

University Counselling

Ian A. Fleming brings a student-centred approach to his Director of University Counselling role. He aims to equip students to navigate the change that follows their graduation year by drawing on best practices in post-secondary counselling, academic advising, mindfulness practice, and psychotherapeutic principles. In keeping with RSGC values, students are guided to do much more than "get into university"; we aim to model effective decision-making, foster self-reflection and value assessment, and identify the best fit for each individual.

Annual Events

  • Grad class orientation in September
  • Weekly Grade 12 meetings
  • US and UK hopefuls meetings for Grades 9-11
  • Scholarship available to support students with SAT prep
  • Grad parents' university info night
  • Grade 9-11 parents' university info night
  • Course counselling for Grade 9-11
  • Lunch hour and after school sessions with university reps
  • Suite of application prep, planning, and tracking documents
  • In-person university application workshops
  • Individual supplemental application advising and review
  • Scholarship and funding application support
  • Individual counselling appointments for students and parents
  • Alumni mentoring events connecting current RSGC grad class with alums from around the world

Personal Counselling

Our part-time social worker promotes awareness of matters relating to personal well-being in our school community. She is also available to counsel students and families on any issues which may affect a student’s achievement and his emotional development.