About the Junior School

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  • Grade Three

    Grade 3 is the entry year into RSGC, which begins with ensuring that each child develops a true sense of belonging at his new school. This is done through relationships developed with teachers and peers; a foundation of love paired with meaningful challenges and the development of responsibility to self and community; and differentiated instruction to ensure that each child is being challenged appropriately. Classes are small and time is taken to ensure that each child is seen and respected for the unique individual that he is.

    The curriculum reflects the diversity of the class and broader community, with a focus on collaboration and connecting with each child’s creativity, imagination and playfulness. 

    Our academic program focuses on skills development with a deep understanding of concepts and demonstration of knowledge through application and projects. Our boys apply content and skills learned in a way that is meaningful to each child, while also considering social responsibility to the community and the world. There is a strong focus on the process of learning, and the boys are consistently being given feedback in a timely manner with the encouragement of student reflection to support their growth and development.

    In Language Arts, there is a strong focus on literacy development based on individual needs and ability. The boys do a lot of writing across various subjects and there is a strong emphasis on reading: independent reading, small group reading, novel studies and comprehension. 

    In Math, there is a deep learning of math concepts that are revisited throughout the year and a strong focus on building computation skills to prepare students for more challenging, application-based tasks.

    In Science and Social Studies, there is a major focus on the application of learning skills such as research, design and presentation, with projects focused on design and real-life application. Some units investigated in these subjects are plant life, habitats, Indigenous culture and history, and communities. 

    We make sure that our youngest boys are engaged at all levels – all while building the foundation for a successful Georgian career led by the Georgian Code of Respect, Responsibility and Voice. 
  • Grade Four

    Challenge. Growth. Exploration. Discovery.

    These are the defining characteristics of the Grade 4 experience at RSGC. Known and loved, the students reap the benefits of a small school as they undertake this exciting leg of their educational journey. They learn to become more independent as they discover more about themselves and the world around them. They start applying the skills they learned in their primary years as they become more abstract thinkers. Supported by a team of dedicated educators, a homeform teacher covers the core subjects with specialists for physical education, French, art, library, and both choral and instrumental music.
    The themes of growth and self-discovery are woven throughout our classroom routines and curriculum. The children take on roles of responsibility and leadership in the class by volunteering to take on classroom jobs. They explore our natural environment, carefully researching and crafting habitats for living things. Learning about Canada as well as ancient civilizations encourages them to think introspectively as well as about the broader community and global history. Students discover how stories and languages have evolved over time. They read about children their age who have learned to survive under adverse circumstances. By offering choice in novels and assignments, we create an environment where the students are invested in their learning.
    Our students grow by trying new things and overcoming challenges. They are offered a wide array of clubs, and participation in extracurricular activities is encouraged. They learn to be more effective communicators as they develop presentation skills and self-advocacy.
    They do all of this and so much more!
    Grade 4 is the start of an exciting journey as our Georgians become the best version of themselves.
  • Grade Five

    “Your son will lead a balanced, purposeful and happy life in Grade 5.”

    Grade 5 is an exciting time during which boys continue to develop the confidence they need to confront the challenges of life as a more independent student.

    Guided by the Georgian code of respect, responsibility and voice, the Grade 5 boys feel safe sharing their ideas, concerns and questions with both teachers and peers as they navigate their way through a challenging curriculum that expects each boy to put forth a great effort to be the very best version of himself.

    The boys play the role of researcher, designer, developer and presenter with each project they take on, and while we celebrate the completion of a project, emphasis is placed on process, innovation and creativity.  The boys carefully consider the means by which they arrived to their end. True growth occurs through thoughtful reflection.

    We seamlessly balance academic rigor with the arts. Whether it be singing in choir or playing an instrument, a music class enriches each day in Grade 5. While art class is closely linked to the core subject curriculum, the boys are encouraged to use a variety of mediums to create personal and original pieces.

    Physical education builds strength, confidence and camaraderie through cooperative games in traditional sports such as soccer, rugby and hockey, and through non-traditional sports like judo and swimming.
  • Grade Six

    Experience. Collaborate. Bond. Grow.

    Become a renaissance man in Grade 6. We believe that hands-on discovery is how boys learn best, which is why experiential education is a focus of Grade 6. The walls of the classroom are expanded to include the community and real-world experiences. The boys get their hands dirty as they build and experience what it’s like to create.

    Our learner profile, “researcher, designer, developer, presenter”, drives the focuses of the curriculum: creativity and innovation. Grade 6 students are encouraged to discover their personal voice, strengths and interests. A project-based learning framework engages the boys in authentic tasks and experiences. Whenever possible, we encourage choice and give the learners the power to make decisions about content, process, performance and product.

    We celebrate curiosity and the uniqueness of every child, designing instruction to meet each student’s needs. Our feedback is focused on growth; each boy is actively involved in assessing his progress towards the achievement of his goals.
    A love of the arts is nurtured through our music and fine art programs. The boys choose to participate in choir or instrumental music, allowing their musical skills to grow every day. Our artist-in-residence offers mixed media, clay, sculpture, painting or drawing classes weekly in our spectacular art studio. The boys are encouraged to experiment with materials and fearlessly develop their ideas.
  • Grade Seven

  • Grade Eight

Message from the Head of Junior School

Catherine Kirkland
In the Junior School, we pride ourselves on the warmth and energy that is exuded as you walk through our front door and interact with our staff and Junior Georgians. The idea of being “known and loved” is paramount to the success of our boys, and with a population of 156 boys in the Junior School, we are able to offer strong, nurturing and special relationships between our staff and students. We believe that when boys are truly happy, they are able to achieve their maximum potential in all areas of school life: academics, athletics, social, spiritual and moral growth.

Our small size also allows us to offer exposure to programs that enrich our boys’ educational experience, whether it be as a member of a team or special interest club or through our students’ impressive exposure to the arts. We offer enriched academics, a truly inspirational staff and lots of wonderful learning experiences; however, most importantly, we offer your son the guarantee that he will be “known and loved.”

Come visit us and be truly impressed.
Catherine Kirkland

Catherine Kirkland
Head of Junior School