The Hearth

At the Hearth, we strive to inspire and foster a sense of community - that's why we're proud to continue the Georgian tradition of being the best. At the Hearth, where Georgians gather, we see every day as an opportunity to serve delicious food, innovate great events, create warm environments and provide an overall amazing dining experience. 

We provide you with a range of dining options designed to support the RSGC community. Check out a few of the aspects of our program that make us head and shoulders above the rest.

We Are Green!

By eliminating single use plastic tableware, and offering 100% compostable take out and disposable dinnerware, we reduce our carbon foot print. Student-driven projects also supported the roll out of our RSGC Go Green Strategy: educational videos, signage and photographs were all part of the efforts to increase awareness and educate the school community to make better decisions for the Earth. We also encourage students and staff to bring their own reusable water bottles and hot beverage cups.

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  • Feast

    "Known and Loved", The Feast features traditional, homemade and Georgian Favorites. This is the station where you will find the main courses and vegetarian alternatives with an enhanced variety of side dishes that create a balanced meal. We always provide tasty alternatives for people with allergies and intolerances. Taste of the World days will feature unique, exquisite dishes, while Classic Comfort will embrace the warmth of home cooking. Food Truck Favourite days bring joy and happiness to all ages with our healthy twist on food truck style cooking.
  • Noodle

    This newly created area will allow for a second option: traditional favourites made better!
    Twice weekly, we will offer pasta, noodles, risotto, gnocchi and other starch options.
  • Loaf

    Sandwiches are still a very popular choice for lunch. The simple sandwich will always be needed; however, a range of choices and variety within sandwiches always important.

    Every day, we will feature a Signature Sandwich made with our rustic range of artisan breads; big, fresh and stacked with wholesome ingredients. In addition, every day, the deli bar will allow for Build-Your-Own sandwiches as well.
  • Field

    Our salad bar is brimming with fresh, raw ingredients, including the usual suspects, as well as interesting specials on rotation to add variety, texture and colour every day. Our salad bar allows the boys to be creative. They can add a side to their hot entree or build their own unique salad.
  • Kettle

    We only make soup from scratch because it tastes best that way! The broth is simmered until it's just right. This is how we demonstrate our culinary prowess - by offering excellent homemade soups from our kitchen for you to enjoy. The rotating selection will always feature one vegetarian and one gluten-free option to meet students' needs.
  • Express

    Express offers a great variety of retail options provided with health and energy in mind. Enjoy smoothies, fresh fruit cups, healthy drinks, sushi and more to satisfy your cravings.

Meet the Aramark Food Services Team

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  • Jean-Claude Deguy (JC)

    Role: Operations Manager, Food Services, Housekeeping & Events
    Time at RSGC: Since 2018 
    Place of birth / Background: Born in Iran; raised in France
    Comfort Food: Pasta with chicken and cream sauce
    Mom’s Best Dish: Persian Beef and split pea stew (Koresht Gheymeh)
    Fun Fact: Plans weddings and events
  • Stanislav Kotliar (Stas)

    Role: Chef
    Time at RSGC: Since 2017
    Place of birth / Background: Russia
    Comfort Food: Cup noodle
    Mom’s Best Dish: Napoleon Cake
    Fun Fact: Races and designs drones in spare time
  • Thelma Black

    Role: Kitchen Support
    Time at RSGC: Since 2011
    Place of birth / Background: Jamaica
    Comfort Food: Rice and peas with chicken
    Mom’s Best Dish: Curried Fish
    Fun Fact: Loves dancing
  • Abdelilah Bounouar (Abdel)

    Role: Kitchen Support, Breakfast Sandwich Wizard
    Time at RSGC: Since 2016
    Place of birth / Background: Morocco
    Comfort Food: Lentils
    Mom’s Best Dish: Tajine
    Fun Fact: Enjoys watching TV
  • Larissa Eguaras-Raymond

    Role: Sous Chef, Soup Magician
    Time at RSGC: Since 2014 
    Place of birth / Background: Born in Canada, Philipino background
    Comfort Food: McDonald’s French fries / Husband’s 4-layer dip with nachos
    Mom’s Best Dish: Lobster with garlic butter
    Fun Fact: Was a culinary intern at Restaurante Submarino in Oceanografic – Ciudad de las Artes, Valencia, Spain
  • Ian Salvador

    Role: Prep Cook, Salad Bar Master
    Time at RSGC: Since 2015
    Place of birth / Background: Philippines
    Comfort Food: Anything Asian, hamburgers and fries
    Mom’s Best Dish: Curried Ox tail
    Fun Fact: Plays baseball, football and basketball
  • Cinthia Vilamil

    Role: Prep Cook, Sandwich Queen
    Time at RSGC: Since 2019
    Place of Birth / Background: Mexico
    Comfort Food: Pozole
    Mom’s Best Dish: Enchiladas
    Fun Fact: Likes to bake during her free time
  • Jean Pascal Valentine

    Role: Retail Associate
    Time at RSGC: Since September 2019
    Place of birth/Background: India
    Comfort Food: Shawarma
    Mom's Best Dish: Shrimp Curry
    Fun Fact: Listens to Stand-up comedy to fall asleep

Lunch Hours

Open: 7:00 am

Junior School Lunch: 11: 30 am

Senior School Lunch: 12:40 pm 

Closed: 4:00 pm

Contact Aramark

(416) 533-9481 ext. 337 or ext. 224