Academics at RSGC

The following principles guide learning at RSGC. Boys are encouraged and supported to:
  • Constantly refine the question through an ongoing inquiry process
  • Use collaboration, feedback and reflection to co-construct knowledge
  • Contribute positively and substantially to our learning community
  • Welcome challenge and adversity as part of reaching excellence
  • Understand how one’s personal experience impacts their perspective
  • Think critically and generate ideas to solve relevant issues
Learning occurs in all areas of a student’s experience at RSGC – not only in the classroom, but also throughout the campus and into the community. That’s why you’ll see students outside conducting test flights of wooden gliders they’ve built, or planting vegetables and garlic in our community garden. It’s why we’ve established the Design Engineering Studio to bring boys of all ages together with the resources they need to make things. It’s why a group of RSGC boys took the initiative to raise funds to purchase iPods and music for a local extended-care facility, for the enjoyment of people living with Alzheimer’s and other disabilities.
At the heart of learning is the application of knowledge. At RSGC, we provide opportunities for learners to work collaboratively to build understanding in order to solve problems. Our students can be seen working together all over campus, drawing up plans, working with numbers, and writing and re-writing solutions to problems that exist in the immediate community and beyond. These opportunities allow each boy to expand his own creativity and challenge his limits.
Our learning culture provides many opportunities for the boys to develop awareness of how they learn, through academics, athletics, arts and service learning. Technology is used to support learning in a developmentally appropriate manner, and a variety of technological tools are available to facilitate the boys’ designs and creative solutions.
Although we utilize the Ontario Curriculum as the basis for our academic program, we continually expand and enrich the learning experience to reach far beyond the province’s requirements. By providing an academic program that taps into each boy’s motivation, we develop committed and self-aware boys who will have the potential to thrive and lead in a changing world.

Blaze Trails

At RSGC, our students blaze trails. The world around them is their textbook. They use the experts in their community to deepen their understanding and solve problems. They ask thoughtful questions. They question the notion of any assumptions. They understand who they are, knowing that their mindset changes with care and reflection.

Dig In

At RSGC, our students dig in. They are full participants in the community. They empathize, experiment, evaluate and imagine. They know that every investigation should end with more questions for a better product. They welcome adversity and challenge as a part of learning.

Take Risks

At RSGC, our students take risks. They are innovators. Risk and failure are a part of improvement. They know that actions have consequences. They understand the importance of compromise, developing their negotiating skills. They build on the ideas of others, but can also make executive decisions.
"The most outstanding aspect of his six years at the school is the degree to which his teachers really got to know him as a student, and were invested in, and in fact dedicated to, helping him achieve his potential." ~ RSGC Parent