Your generosity and your trust allowed us to act quickly.

Creating a Health Centre
The College was able to create a formal Health Centre with a full-time Registered Nurse who provided care, screening and resources to our students, staff and families. The Centre was also responsible for the procurement and distribution of Personal Protective Equipment. Having a healthcare professional on staff provided comfort and security to our community by having direct access to the most up-to-date protocols during this trying time. Our Nurse, Moe, attends all outdoor education experiences, attends athletic events and over- sees care plans for students recovering from concussions and other medical concerns. The Health Centre continues to be an important resource on our campus.

Mental Health First Aid Certification Training
This past summer, our staff participated in Mental Health First Aid Certification training for adults working with adolescents to learn how to provide help to a student showing signs of declining mental well-being or being in crisis. This course and certification taught staff how to create a non-judgmental space for kids to open up, to identify emerging mental health problems and to determine when intervention is necessary. The first aid method gave us the confidence to help students who need it.

A Partnership for Indigenous Studies
This past summer, a partnership for Indigenous studies was launched, as representatives from the College met with the Sheshegwaning and M’Chigeeng on Manitoulin Island to learn from Knowledge Keepers, Indigenous community members and members of a College Board. Moving forward, our hope is to stay connected with these communities virtually (teacher- to-teacher, classroom-to-classroom), leading to our long-term goals of developing an Indigenous Studies curriculum that could include Canadian Indigenous history, environmental sustainability and outdoor education experiences taught by Indigenous teachers.

Promoting Equity, Inclusion and Belonging
We remain steadfast in our commitment to promoting equity, inclusion and belonging at our school. Last year, we embarked on equity coaching for our senior administration and held related professional development for faculty and staff. We also provided additional teaching resources and put in place DEI Leadership at the school.

Scholarships and Bursaries

Four new students were enrolled at RSGC through the Georgian Opportunity Fund, which provides scholarships and bursaries. This fund provides up to 100% tuition support for students who would not otherwise be able to afford an RSGC education.

Upgrading Facilities and Equipment

New Design Studio Space
A new Design Studio space was created for Junior School students to imagine, design and build. The school purchased a number of electronics and hand tools for students to incorporate coding, math and science concepts in hands-on learning. Junior School students are now learning coding, circuitry and robotics. This space has been outfitted with workbenches equipped with simple hand tools, such as saws and drills, so students can use a variety of materials, such as balsa wood, to build their ideas. Our Digital Media students can now even film themselves in front of a green screen and transport themselves anywhere!