Your generosity and your trust allowed us to act quickly.

Mental Health
This past summer, our staff participated in Mental Health First Aid training for adults working with adolescents to learn how to provide help to a person who is showing signs of declining mental well-being or in crisis, realizing that it would be difficult for many students to move into the next school year after 18 months in and out of lockdowns. This course and certification taught staff how to create a non-judgmental space for kids to open up, how to identify emerging mental health problems and how to determine when intervention is necessary. The first aid method gave us the confidence to help students who need it.

Scholarships and Bursaries
Two new students were enrolled through the Georgian Opportunity Fund. This fund provides up to 100% tuition support for students who would otherwise not be able to afford an RSGC education.

The Georgian Unity Fund provided assistance to currently enrolled students whose families had experienced financial hardships due to the pandemic. RSGC made a commitment to ensure that our Georgian family could stay together despite the financial hardship brought on by COVID-19.

Upgrading Facilities and Equipment

Health and Safety
We continued to focus on the optimal air quality and a safe environment for our community on campus. This was achieved by continued investment in Covid PPE, plexi-screens, HEPA filters and additional staff for housekeeping.

Water Dispensers
Additional water dispensers were installed to eliminate the possible cross-contamination when drinking from water fountains. These were distributed throughout the campus to ensure all students have access to stay hydrated.

Physical Education (PE)
All PE classes were moved outdoors to limit exposure in an indoor setting. This meant providing heated offices to our PE staff during the cold winter months. A heated outdoor office was erected, as well as a storage shed to house the equipment for these classes.

IT Updates
As our dependence on technology increased, we were able to outfit our educators and students with iPads to aid in remote and in-class learning.