Your donation make these important initiatives happen!

McCain Field – a new, heated Turf means year round play! 
It’s no stretch to say that our Turf, McCain Field, is loved by our students. Thanks to the generosity of our community, the Turf has undergone a  transformation. Over the summer, the old turf was replaced – after a decade  of hosting lots and lots of fun and games, it was time. The new surface is  heated! And, that means this popular coming-together spot on campus can  be used all year long. The turf is a central feature of our Physical & Health  Education Program, our outdoor teaching and training activities, and is simply  an important all-school gathering spot, as any visit during recess reveals.  

Belonging – Diversity, Equity and Inclusion 
RSGC is unwavering in our commitment to creating a more equitable and  inclusive educational experience for all, of being a school where everyone  feels they belong. This is central to our guarantee of ‘known and loved.’ Your  support of the Annual Giving Fund is critical in this pursuit.  Your donations help us provide diversity, equity and inclusion training for  teachers and staff; training that encompasses a full suite of DEI strategies,  including the building of inclusive and supportive learning environments;  tailoring methodologies to individual students’ needs; enhancing cultural  competence and sensitivity; and contributing to broader societal goals, such  as strength through diversity, and social justice. Over the past year, along  with added DEI resources provided to support teachers, our senior administration continued with equity coaching, and our faculty and staff received  DEI-specific professional development sessions.

Other School Enhancements 
Using annual funds to acquire a 3D printer for the Junior School allows us to enrich our programming and extend learning opportunities for all students. This technology will engage students in coding and design activities, fostering creativity and essential digital skills.  
It promotes hands-on STEM learning, critical thinking, and problem solving. This initiative not only benefits current students but also prepares future generations for the challenges of the modern world, highlighting our commitment to a well-rounded education. 

Collaborating with Dr. Heidi Hayes Jacobs, a renowned education leader, we continue to enhance our campus learning spaces by incorporating breakout areas with comfortable seating. These redesigned spaces are intended to facilitate small group work and collaboration,  aligning with 21st-century teaching and learning approaches.