Learn More about our Parent Ambassadors

Admissions season is in full swing, with prospective families coming in and out of the school for tours and interviews practically every day. And while the school’s admissions department is a small one, there are 24 parent ambassadors who step up to the plate to help make the daunting process a more personal one for the new families. 
Daniela Gallo has been a parent ambassador for eight years and the parent ambassador convenor for the past three. An avid RSGC volunteer with numerous volunteer positions over the years, Daniela says this is the best “job” she has ever had at the College. 

The “job” entails hosting all of the families and prospective students that come through Open House, welcoming families at the Information Sessions in November and February, as well as at the New Parents’ Reception, and sitting with families when they come in to visit and interview. 

“I love this job because I love the school and I really believe in it,” said Daniela. “It’s not a difficult thing for me to talk about the school. For me personally, it’s been a great place for my two boys, so it’s nice to sit down and talk with families. It’s so easy to talk about RSGC when you’re a big fan – it’s not a forced conversation at all.” 

Of course, for the prospective parents, being able to have that candid conversation with a member of the Georgian community is invaluable. As Daniela says, it’s more than just chatting about the curriculum or the programs on offer. 

“Often times, parents ask us about how the boys travel to school, at what age do they start taking the subway, as well as questions on where to buy black leather shoes,” she said. “Also, once parents come in and sit in the Guild room with us, they immediately get the sense that there’s an amazing parent community here. It’s not a hard sell. People can feel it and see it. It’s genuine.”