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  • A Message from Our Headmaster

    A Wish for Peace

    The following is an excerpt from Mr. Beatty’s Evensong address of December 14.
    Good afternoon,
    My topic, today, is peace. It’s my hope for you, for your family, for our world. It may feel really close and present or really far and unreachable. It’s a word that is used a lot, especially in the domain of Christmas, “Peace on Earth; Goodwill toward men.”
    Peace, for a country, is to not be at war. Peace, for an individual is to be OK with things as they are, or with who you are, perhaps? I wish I could stand here and grant Peace on Earth. I cannot. While we can pray and strive for peace, it continues to elude us.
    And while Peace very much eludes our Earth right now, I do wish you peace. 

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  • Annual Report 2022-23

    RSGC is pleased to share our Annual Report 2022-23. Please click here to read it.

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