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  • Summer 2023 issue of The Shield

    The Shield is RSGC’s ‘magazine’ of stories of all the great happenings in the RSGC community – from the classroom, to alumni events, and most everything else in between.  We hope you enjoy this latest issue.
  • Be Active, Be Mindful, Belong…Be Georgian

    School life and all of its wonderful in-person interactions and activities form the cornerstone of our students’ lives. We need your help to ensure the success of our important mission to challenge and inspire each of our students to become the best version of himself. 

    This year, our annual giving appeal is focused on providing opportunities for our boys to be active, to be mindful, and to experience a greater sense of belonging as we, as a community, work to help our students regain what was lost as a result of the disruptions wrought by the pandemic.
    This year, your support will fund initiatives aimed at ensuring our students’ success; programs and activities that will challenge our students to “Be Active, Be Mindful, Belong… Be Georgian.”

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