An Eye-Opener

On October 25, the Grade 11 students spent an evening at the Deloitte office to share dinner and conversation with a group of street-involved people, philanthropists, RSGC staff, parents and board members. 
The event, held in partnership with Sanctuary, allowed the boys to listen and engage with a unique mix of people to discuss the courage it takes to have empathy, share and be vulnerable. 

Facilitated by Sanctuary’s Jay Barton, Laurie Fraser and TV journalist Liza Fromer, the informal chat, allowed everyone to share their life experiences and discuss important topics such as identity, failure, love, fear, gratitude, family, citizenship, courage and compassion. 

Emma Totten, RSGC’s Coordinator of Global Partnerships and Real-World Connections, worked closely with Sanctuary, a charitable organization that seeks to establish and develop holistic, inclusive and healthy community, to organize the event. 

“It was a good evening for the boys,” said Emma. “It really gave them a lot to think about and reflect upon. 

Student Luca Morgante is really glad he went and found it very eye-opening. 

“It gave me a perspective I hadn’t had before and it certainly motivated me to not to be homeless,” said Luca. “It really gave humanity to the people I’ve seen on the streets. They are real people with real stories. I was surprised to hear that some of them even had good educations.” 

Senior School Business teacher Rickesh Kotecha agreed that it was an eye-opening experience. 

“To be able to hear from and speak to the strangers we sometimes unconsciously forget about is a reminder that everyone has a story that wants to be heard,” he said. “This opportunity helped the boys understand that becoming homeless can happen to anyone and is not by choice. It was refreshing to see that they made no judgements and stepped outside of their comfort zone to not only listen, but to ask questions in order understand the struggles some of these men experienced on a daily basis.”