Friday Morning Fitness

Junior School teacher Drew Blanchette ’96 loves to spend Fridays with an early morning run. So, when he started teaching at the College six years ago, he figured why not have some company? And so began Friday Morning Fitness. 
Now, every Friday morning, a group of boys and teachers head out for a run at 7:00 am regardless of the weather. Although the number varies – it could be three boys or it could be 20 – there is always a core group going out. 

“It’s ballooned since it started,” said Drew. “At first, it was just me and a couple of kids. Now, there are several teachers who join us. As for the boys, it continues to grow. I suspect we’ll have 15 to 20 kids this week.”

Friday Morning Fitness is not an official club, therefore the participants do not receive house points for taking part. What they do get is much more valuable. 

“I’ve seen boys who are not athletes join us and gain confidence,” said Drew. “Sometimes, they can barely run to where we’re going and later in the year, they’re good quality, strong runners. It’s because they put in the time and effort. Kids can really see what it means to work hard. They also get to learn the importance of fitness nutrition and feeling good. It’s important what they put in their bodies.”

Pi Boyd, Grade 9, has been taking part in Friday Morning Fitness for several years. While it’s primarily made up of Junior School students, Pi is still running with the group this year. 

“Even though I wish I had slept in sometimes, I think it’s fun,” he said. “It’s relaxing for me to not really have to think about anything. I feel like through this and cross country, I’ve really improved my running.”

Grade 6 student Geoffrey Woollcombe also loves Friday Morning Fitness, especially running around Queen’s Park with his friends. 

“It’s hard to get up early, especially when it’s dark, but I think it has definitely made me a better runner because it prepared me for the Sporting Life 10K,” said Geoffrey. “I ran another 10K at my cottage this summer that was very hilly and about 30 degrees, and I beat my dad!”