Parents Guild Event with Newcomer Kitchen's Seven Sisters

As an RSGC parent, you’re not only assured that your children will be known and loved throughout their time at the College but you are also welcomed into a close-knit community in the Georgian Parents Guild. During the pandemic, the Guild continued to plan events to keep our community engaged while we all had to physically remain apart.
In February, 44 Georgian families logged onto Zoom to attend an evening with the Seven Sisters from Newcomer Kitchen. The event was called Around the World in 7 Plates. The evening featured seven refugee women, from all different backgrounds, who each prepared a meal for our community. While on the Zoom event, the Seven Sisters not only talked about the food they had prepared but told stories about their background. While this was the Guild’s first event with the Seven Sisters, the relationship between RSGC and Newcomer Kitchen has been longstanding. At a Day of Service many years ago, RSGC partnered with Newcomer Kitchen, allowing RSGC students to come to cook with the women as they openly shared their stories. Claire Samworth, past Guild President, described her experience at this Day of Service, “The experience was so amazing, it felt like we were cooking with friends down the street. The whole model of the social enterprise is brilliant.”

Through the event with the Seven Sisters, the Guild was able to sell 100 meals to RSGC families and give back to the Newcomer Kitchen. “Since we were able to sell all of the meals provided by the Sisters and had parent volunteers make the deliveries, we were able to donate some of the proceeds back to Newcomer Kitchen.” said Clare.

The event wasn’t only incredible for the Georgian community, as Cara Benjamin-Pace, the Newcomer Kitchen founder, said, “Newcomer Kitchen is so appreciative of the enthusiasm, generosity and kindness that was shown to our staff and food entrepreneurs in training during the event. The opportunity to meet and share stories with the RSGC families during dinner was so exciting.”

Amal, a member of the Seven Sisters who helped to plan and cook the meal also shared her fond memories of the night, “the night is still stuck in my head. It was such an amazing celebration and a great welcome. I felt more welcomed into this new society when I was able to share my past experiences in Canada. Nothing is better than providing happiness to families through quality time and cooking special dishes. I am truly grateful to the project leaders and RSGC for your kindness”.