Celebrating Pride

During Pride, students and staff will be encouraged to have discussions about sexual and gender diversity and acceptance, and think about the power of allyship. RSGC works to create an environment where students and staff of all gender and sexual orientations feel known and loved and the week of November 2 will help ensure that happens.
The pride flag will be raised and there will be pride-themed activities, food and design around campus

School Social Workers Andrea Kaye and Danielle Rovinski are excited for the boys to think more about how to foster a safe and welcoming community.

“We all share a common goal to make all students feel welcome and safe. We feel diversity is worth celebrating, and it is equally important to raise awareness about the history and rich culture of our LGBTQ2+ community,” said Ms. Rovinski. ”Raising the pride flag demonstrates our commitment to the RSGC community, for diversity and acceptance.”