Leadership’s New Look

The way student leadership is happening is a little different this year, yet it’s as close to RSGC tradition as it could be in a year that is far from usual. The Senior School still has 10 Prefects, although they weren’t elected until September. The Junior School doesn’t officially have Captains, instead having a team of leaders who have volunteered to lead their fellow classmates.
“We felt that, with so many new students in Grade 3 and 7, the boys really wouldn’t know who they were voting for and it wouldn’t really be a fair representation of the student body,” said Jennifer Bonetta, Dean of Middle School Activities. “Now, we have about 13 boys who want to be involved and we meet three times a week to work on virtual assemblies and House Spirit activities like Halloween.”

Mme. Bonetta says that there are many opportunities for boys to get involved in leadership opportunities and is very happy about the way it has worked out in this pandemic year.

“I love it. The students are there because they want to be there,” she said. “The great thing about this is that the boys have self-selected. They see themselves as leaders; they see themselves as wanting to make the school a better place.”

In the Senior School, Student Leadership Coordinator Julie Girvan tried to keep the Prefect and House Captain application and selection process as close as possible to the way it used to be. Boys applied and submitted their video speeches online. Students and staff voted through the portal over two days.

Ms. Girvan said the process went well and thought the boys might have appreciated doing their speeches via video.

“I think for many of them, doing a video speech was more comfortable than standing up and giving a live speech,” she said. “Making videos are pretty natural for them, but some of them may have also preferred to showcase their personality in a live environment. There were definitely pros and cons to both scenarios.”

With this new virtual world, there are now three communications prefects to handle assemblies, videos and the new RSGC Prefects Instagram account. Joey Lisser, Sebastian Raman and Jacob Buchan all share those responsibilities, and Ms. Girvan trusts them completely.

“They’re doing a great job. They’re creative, organized, and I think it’s working so far,” said Ms. Girvan. “You miss getting together as a community and sitting together in chapel, but this is the best alternative.”