Welcome Back to School

It has been since months since we’ve had life on campus. We asked staff and students what it’s like to be back at school. Here are some of their responses: 
School is different, but it's safe and that's what matters. - Brevan Babbar, Grade 9

I feel this is going to be a period of growth and creativity. As much as we are living school quite differently, I genuinely feel that we will discover new and interesting ways of doing things. - Mme Bonetta

"I believe that what was making both students and staff most anxious was the uncertainty of what school was going to look like. Now that we've gotten the ball rolling what I'm hearing and seeing is primarily feelings of relief and excitement to be reunited once again". – Danielle Rovinski

Seeing the boys laughing, playing, connecting and being curious in their learning is what is sustaining all of the adults. School is all of our "happy place". – Catherine Kirkland

"So far, school has been great. It was nice to see my friends and teachers after such a long period. I like that we can work together in groups and visually see what my teachers are teaching. It feels like life has returned back to normal. I really appreciate all the efforts the school has put in to make our learning experience better.” - Adidev Gopalakrishnan, Grade 10

It's like being on a boat ride with people you love and we're all enjoying ourselves but.... we all have buckets and we're bailing out the water that seems to keep coming in :) – Jay Kearsey, 8K Form Teacher

It's a little harder to work with all the security protocols, but they're necessary. School is very different than what it was from the years before, but we can adapt. - Alexander MacDonald, Grade 10

Being back at school after six months is great and I love how the school has done such a great job at keeping us safe. The teachers have done an amazing job of organizing and helping with work. I think that the idea of being outside four times a day is really great and really, really fun. - Aiden Craig, Grade 6

While school is much different than usual, I think we’re doing well and everything is still running properly. – Isaac Feiner, Grade 9

It is wonderful to be back in the classroom with students again. – Nadya Habib, Grade 4

I really like how we approached the return to school because we've all come back in an environment that is safer for everyone to work in. I also really enjoy seeing all of my peers again! - Adam Papoushek, Grade 10

It is downright emotional to be back and be able to interact with our boys in person. – Patricia Penner

 To be honest, for most of the time, aside from the boys wearing masks, you wouldn't even know we're in the middle of a pandemic. The boys love being at school; they still play tag, and their sports and clubs, although virtual, are just as much fun as ever!  - Brian Robinson, Grade Six Form Teacher

With the students returning on campus, it feels normal again. Sadly, I can't see all my friends, but it definitely feels better to learn together. – Eric Yao, Grade 10

It’s okay to have a mask on, but it hurts that I can’t play with my friends. - Brayden Meheriuk, Grade 7

It is truly great to be back at school. I think many of us have been missing the personal connection that is hard to replicate through a computer screen. Many of us have taken for granted all the small things about school. Things such as spending an afternoon lunch with friends, or the morning greetings from teachers. School is certainly different now, but I think the school has done the best with the situation presented before them. Hopefully, we can continue to stay positive and make the best of a challenging situation. – Aaron Brady, Grade 12

I love being able to go back to school to learn in person on campus even with all the rules in place, but I'm still trying to master the online school style of learning. – Ben Galarce, Grade 11

For the first couple of weeks, students and teachers alike have both been trying to figure out the new routine. During this time, the teachers have been very accommodating and have put in a tremendous effort to make learning feel as “normal” as possible. I am super excited about seeing friends and what the school comes up with in the future to make the school experience more enjoyable. – Ben Strain, Grade 12

 It’s weird not seeing half of the grade, but I'm still happy to see some of my friends back in school. - Logan Mahaffy, Grade 10

An unexpected journey I've never experienced before. - Azarius Chabursky, Grade 9

It feels good to see all of my friends that I haven't seen in person for six months. - Camden Arabzadeh, Grade 8

I am so happy to be back at school because I get to see my friends and teachers. - Malcolm Lamacraft, Grade 6

I think that we are easing into school great, I feel like we never left and that the school is doing great to keep us here at school.- Adam Shishler, Grade 8

During this Covid pandemic being back at school has been really great. That we have an experience during covid to socialize and see people, it's amazing. – Elliott Mann Shaw, Grade 8

It's good to be back in school instead of online classes. - Adrian Robertson-Caryll, Grade 9

I find that the school has made it as normal as possible. - Billy Kanellopoulos, Grade 8

Getting back to school has been a great experience. it is nice to see all my friends again and the new boys for the first time. – Callum Rand, Grade 9

All of the planning for the return of school made me quite anxious. There was this constant sense of stress. Remarkably, on the first day that the boys arrived to campus, I immediately had this flood of calm and normalcy. It was so great to see them in person, have normal conversations, and talk about summer. Despite all of the anxiety, their presence on campus brought tremendous relief and calm. It was an incredible feeling to see them on campus again. – Paul O’Leary, Senior School Head