Junior School Virtual Clubs Impress

With 15 virtual clubs up and running in the Junior School, boys are again able to enjoy some of the extra-curricular activities that help to make RSGC such a special place. 
Every Friday morning from 9:30-10:15 am, while Junior School students are at home for online learning, every single boy in the Junior School participates in a virtual club. Offerings range from the Pokemon Drawing Club, Model Parliament and Les Petits Chefs Cooking Club to Lego Challenge Club, Virtual Field Trip Club and Friday Fitness.

“I’m so impressed with the variety and depth of the offerings,” remarked Jennifer Bonetta, Dean of Middle School Activities, who said that the teachers have been thinking about what clubs to run since school finished last June. “There’s so much creativity and it’s amazing that with so much going on, the teachers have really managed to come up with something for every boy.”

In a normal world, Junior School boys must join either a sports team or a club in order to be involved in school life. With no sports due to COVID-19, joining a virtual club is mandatory. And the timing of the clubs was strategic.

“Since the boys are at home on Fridays, this is a meaningful way to engage them while they’re not on campus,” said Mme. Bonetta.

Mme. Bonetta is thrilled that it only took one week of school to get the clubs up and running.

“We have a remarkable staff who are very flexible, engaged,” she said. “It’s their involvement and dedication to the school that allows us to make the boys feel part of the RSGC community.”