Making a Difference: Tina Clare, Mother of Declan McSweeney ’15

Many people are looking for ways to help out in the community right now. Tina Clare, mother of Declan McSweeney ’15, was feeling quite down about the pandemic situation. With her university kids quarantining in her art studio, she has been unable to paint and found herself wondering how on earth she would keep busy.
So, when her friend, a doctor, asked if she knew anyone who could sew because they didn’t have enough disposable gowns, Tina jumped at the opportunity.
“Normally, they use disposable gowns to tie up over their clothing with long sleeves and elastic cuffs. I have a rickety old Kenmore sewing machine, so I said I could do it!” said Tina. “I had been saving old bed linens for years, thinking one day I would use them for something. This was a perfect opportunity… turning my bed sheets into doctor protective gowns. And my old sewing machine is still chugging away.”
Doctors will wear these gowns at their clinics to see patients. They will use them for one shift for regular patients, then take them home, wash them and reuse them.
Tina has made 35 gowns and a local friend has made 14 so far.
“I just delivered 49 gowns. They haven’t been put into use yet – we’ll see how they work out,” she said.
The health agency gave the go-ahead for the gowns to be put into use on April 14. Masks are next on the table.
Thank you, Tina, for your contribution!