Healthy Food Choices

Options for healthy food and snacks in the kitchen continue to grow, thanks to Aramark’s dedication to creating a culture of health and wellness. 
Chef Stas and Operations Manager Jean-Claude (JC) DeGuy work closely with Aramark’s Health and Wellness Manager, Amy Nelson, and Nutrition Program Development Manager, Jane Skapinker, to ensure that meal and snack offerings for the boys are tasty, healthy and sustainable. 

Aramark’s culinary philosophy includes having a balanced, chef-driven menu with consistency and transparency; simple, authentic ingredients; made-from-scratch food from local and sustainable ingredients; and healthy ingredients handled with care. 

The task of feeding over 400 staff and students on a daily basis is not an easy one, but JC, Stas and their team are always up to the challenge. 

“It’s all about planning and it’s a challenging process that requires a lot of organization.” said Chef Stas. “We have to be mindful of everybody’s personal preferences and allergic concerns. It’s also a fine balance between serving food that’s healthy for the boys to eat and serving food that we know they’ll like to eat!” 

No more juice is available in Ketchum as part of the meal plan and chocolate milk is only available twice a week, while retail snacks now include Happy Pops, which are fruit popsicles made from 100% natural ingredients. Other snacks for purchase include cheese and crackers, yogurt, guacamole and fruit cups.

The Food Services team is always looking to improve and is hoping for your feedback. If you haven’t already done so, please fill out the Food Services survey.

Fun Facts: In one month, the kitchen serves 1,100 pounds of chicken; 1,500 litres of milk; 500 pounds of fruit, 300 pounds of carrots, 160 pounds of celery and 200 pounds of broccoli.