Meet Dr. Jim Leatch

Learn a little bit about the College’s interim Chaplin in this Q&A. 
HM: How are you enjoying your new role? 
JL: I love it. I love the variety and the different aspects of it. I’m still teaching and coaching, and now I’m also organizing the chapel program.
HM: Do you have training as a Chaplain? 
JL: I have one more course to finish my Masters of theological studies at U of T. So, I do have training. It’s a 20-credit program and I’ve been doing it part-time over four years. I also did a 3-month internship placement at St. Mary Magdalene Church.

HM: How long are you expecting to be in this role?
JL: It could just be until June or it could be beyond. There is potential to take away the “interim”. I’m going through the process to become an Ordained Deacon. There are things that I wouldn’t be able to do like weddings, funerals or baptisms, but I could run the day-to-day services as a Deacon. 

HM: Are you still teaching as well? 
JL: I’m teaching one course – Grade 12 World History. And I’m also coaching U12 and U14 hockey. In the spring, I’ll be coaching Junior School softball, either U10 or U12.

HM: Does your new role allow you to see the boys in a new light?
JL: A different light for sure. And I get to see more of them for sure. One of the reasons I’m coaching the younger students, and I’m also going on the Grade 10 winter outdoor adventure camping trip, is so that I can get the know the boys outside of my classes.

HM: What’s your favourite part about the job?
JL: Getting to know the boys better. 

HM: How many years have you been at RSGC?
JL: It’s been 33 years!

HM: What other roles have you held here? 
JL: It’s a long list! Grade 5, 6, 7 and 8 home room, Grade 3 recorder, B band, Grade 7 and 8 phys ed, Grade 10, 11, 12 and 13 history and law, eight years as the Senior School Curriculum Coordinator, Department Head of Canadian and World Studies for 10 years and Acting Head of Senior School for 18 months. I also coached rugby, I actually STARTED rugby here with Morris Reid. 

HM: How do you like greeting all of the families in the morning? 
JL: I like it! It gets me up in the morning – it even gets me here earlier than traffic! 

HM: What’s your plan for the chapel services? 
JL: While we still continue to celebrate Evensong weekly, I’m making a concerted effort to bring in speakers from all faiths. We’ve already had a rabbi and a Hindu priest, and I’m bringing in a Muslim imam. I’m still working on getting a Sikh priest. I really want to make sure it’s not always me up there doing the talking, so I have some kids and one teacher getting up there as well. It’s important that we do this because of the multi-ethnic, multi-faith composition of the staff and students.