Junior School Clubs Allow Leaders to Shine

RSGC has always had numerous clubs on offer in both the Junior and Senior Schools. This term, the Junior School has an impressive 18 clubs. 
What makes some of these clubs unique is that although they have teacher support, they were created and are almost entirely run by students. Some boys from the Senior School have even crossed the tarmac to lead clubs for their younger counterparts. 

Jennifer Bonetta, Dean of Middle School Activities, thinks the collaboration between the Junior and Senior Schools is incredible. 

“You see the relationships growing outside of the clubs – on the tarmac, in Ketchum Hall, in the chapel. You see them connecting and having a relationship that wouldn’t have happened otherwise,” said Mme. Bonetta. “For the younger boys, it’s so meaningful to have an older person pay attention to you and know your name. For the older boys, it must feel good to know that they’re making a difference.” 

Grade 10 student Charlie Coke started the Dungeons & Dragons Club as a student in the Junior School and now runs it with fellow student leaders Lucas Hardie (Grade 10), Jack Venditelli (Grade 10), Andrew Samworth (Grade 9) and Henry Sondheimer (Grade 7). The popular club for students in Grades 6-8 has about 30 kids and is supported by Mme. Bonetta. Last year, Charlie was expecting about 6 kids to join the club and he loves running it for the College’s younger students. 

“I get to introduce a hobby I really love to other people,” said Charlie. “It’s also great for my leadership skills and I’m getting to know some of the younger guys.” 

Triyan Khare, Grade 7, loves being a member of the Games Creation Club, run by Grade 9 students Duncan Landry and Eric Yao with the support of Mr. Algarvio. 

“I get to learn how to code and get to create any type of game I want,” said Triyan. “The club is a bit more informal because students are leading it and I’m getting to know new people in the Senior School.”