Mental Health at RSGC: Mental Health & Wellness Weeks

Well-being and mental health is on everyone’s mind, at every school. And while it’s a focus every day, year-round at RSGC, the Mental Health and Wellness Weeks really bring mental health to the forefront. 
Andrea and Danielle facilitate a number of classroom workshops focused on learning about the mental health spectrum, how to increase self-awareness, learn coping tools for managing mental health struggles and how to ask for help. There are numerous activities including guest speakers, animal therapy, sleep-ins, fitness time, massages and voluntary lunch time chats about various topics related to mental health. Workshops have also been held for parents. 

In addition, RSGC and the RSGCAA recently launched the RSGC Healthy Minds Confidential Hotline for alumni in university. Steven Hobe ’88 and Anthony Lisi ’15 were instrumental in launching the program, which allows young alumni to communicate confidentially – with Andrea Kaye by text or telephone if they need support.