Mental Health at RSGC: Counselling

RSGC has two qualified, registered social workers on staff: Andrea Kaye and Danielle Rovinksi.
Andrea Kaye, who has been at RSGC for 20 years, works in the Senior School four days a week, while Danielle Rovinksi is in the Junior School three days a week. When she is not on campus, Danielle works in private practice. According to Andrea, RSGC was the first school outside of the boarding schools to have a social worker on staff. Now, there are 15 social workers on staff at independent schools, and they all meet and consult once a month. Both Andrea and Danielle offer parent support so that parents don’t need to go elsewhere for help. The counselling can be family, group or individual. 

“I think a big part of our role is normalizing being here,” said Andrea. “Just to be an ear for students to talk to and process things. 

“My aim in this school is simply to be embedded into these students’ lives in every normal way possible. To help every student realize that all emotions are okay and there is nothing ‘unique’ about coming to speak with me about them.” – Danielle Rovinski, Social Worker

“Wellness is a strategic priority at RSGC, and working on mental health is no longer just for distressed students, but for every student. Struggle in the adolescent life stage is inevitable and predictable. In order to be the best version of themselves, students need to think of their mental health just like their physical health and to learn how to make good choices in stressful circumstances. My focus is to shift boy culture and to have students learn from each other about how to communicate effectively, to manage their emotions and to bounce back from the normal and abnormal events of daily life.” – Andrea Kaye, Social Worker