Advisor Mentor Groups

Last year for the first time, the Grade 10 to 12 Senior School Advisor Groups had a Mentorship component with alumni mentors. 
Twenty-four groups had an alumnus join them either virtually or in person for two sessions throughout the year. 

For many of the boys, it is the first point of connection with the RSGC Alumni Association, of which they all become a member upon graduation. It allows the both the students and the alumni to develop person connections and have fun, while fostering an environment for discussion and learning. 

Ferdinand Poon ’87, who lives in California, was happy to answer the call to become an advisor mentor to Headmaster Beatty’s advisor group when the RSGCAA came knocking. 

“St. George’s was my favourite educational experience and I feel really strongly about the College, but since I don’t live in Toronto, it’s hard to be connected,” said Ferdinand, who was one year behind Mr. Beatty ’86. “This is a way for me to have a connection with the school and I wanted to explore it. Being able to do it with Steve Beatty was just a bonus.”

Ferdinand spoke to the boys via Skype about his career path and what it’s like to adapt to life after high school. 

James Lank, Class of 2020, enjoyed the sessions and is looking forward to hearing more from Ferdinand this year. 

“I definitely see value in these sessions and it didn’t matter to me that he wasn’t in the room,” said James. “I found them informative and pretty cool. I think they were helpful to see where you could go and I’m looking forward to them again this year.”