Photographer Andrew Lahodynskyj ’08 Visits Media Arts Class

Alumnus Andrew Lahodynskyj ’08 came back to RSGC in early October to spend the day taking photographs of the boys and the campus. 
Andrew is a freelance photographer whose clients include the Toronto Maple Leafs, the Toronto Raptors, the Canadian Olympic Committee, the Toronto Star and the Canadian Press. 

It was the first time Andrew had been back since all of the renovations and he was impressed. He also couldn’t believe how many staff and faculty remembered him. 

“I was actually shocked at how many people still remembered me,” said Andrew, who went to Loyalist College in Belleville for Photojournalism. “Every time I turned a corner or walked into a classroom, someone said, ‘Oh, it’s so great to see you, Andrew!’”

Andrew’s first stop of the day was Mr. Seale’s Grade 11/12 Media Arts class, during which he spoke to the boys – several of whom aspire to go into photography as a career. 

“I hope I may have inspired some of the boys and didn’t scare them off. There seem to be students who are extremely interested and just based on the little work that I saw, there are students who have an eye,” said Andrew, who was more than happy to answer the call to come back to his alma mater. “This place was always a second home for me and I developed amazing friendships here. Those supportive friends have pushed me to go into the career that I have, so being able to come back and show students that it’s possible and that they’ve got options – that means a lot.”

Grade 12 student Matteo Forgione is one of those students who is hoping to go into photography and he enjoyed hearing Andrew speak.

“I really liked it,” said Matteo. “I’m really passionate about photography and sports, so it was really cool to see both of them come together. It was also crazy to hear how about the hard work and timing he has put into it.” 

Luke McCutcheon, Grade 12, also hopes to go into photography upon graduation. Andrew made him realize that he shouldn’t give up on his dream. 

“He inspired me to follow what I love because with hard work, you can make anything happen,” said Luke.