The Prefects Teach the Grade 3 Class how to Tie a Tie

It what is an annual tradition, the Prefects visited the Grade 3 class on the first day of Number 1 dress to teach the youngest Georgians how to tie their ties. 
The youngsters were thrilled to spend some time with the College’s leaders, several of whom were Grade 3 students at RSGC themselves and were taught how to tie their ties by Prefects in that very same classroom! Nick Vassos, Class of 2020, says he even remembers the feel of the tie in his hand. Here is what a few of the boys in the Class of 2029 had to say about the tie-tying experience: 

Indiana Shapack: It’s my first time tying my own tie. It’s much cooler than with my dad!

Griffin Sorensen: Oleksa was a good teacher! I think I can do it myself tomorrow.

Ari Koukodimos: My mom tied it this morning and I just put it around my neck. Now I can do it myself!