Outdoor Ed Trips a Great Intro to School

Every school year begins with the Grade 9 Outdoor Education trip to Camp Arowhon, while shortly after, the Grade 7s head to Camp Onondaga. 
It’s a great way to start the year off on the right foot, especially when many of the boys in those grades are new Georgians and don’t know each other. One week up at camp and many new friends have been made! 

We spoke to new Grade 7 student, Theo Hardie, and new Grade 9 student, Sebastian Isaac-Gooden, and this is what they had to say about their time up at camp. 
What was your favourite part of the week? Theo: I loved the giant swing – they put you onto these ropes, you go 70 feet high and then you swing. I also loved the nights in the cabin with six boys and two Grade 11 leaders.
Sebastian: Probably the big relay race at the end. There were so many activities. At the end, you had to a build a fire and burn your team’s banner.
Why do you think it’s important to do this trip at the beginning of the school year? Theo: The New Boys get to know each other more and you’re forced to talk to other kids. We’re definitely more friendly now that we’re back at school.
Sebastian: If you’re new like I was and you don’t know many people, you got to know everyone.

Did you make lots of new friends? Theo: I made a lot of new friends! Before the trip, I only knew my brother and two other boys.
Sebastian: Yes! I sort of felt like I wasn’t a New Boy anymore when we got back to school.
Did you learn anything? Theo: I learned how to have fun in kayak. I used to hate it!
Sebastian: The importance of team work.

Did you do anything for the first time? Theo: The giant swing.
Sebastian: I enjoyed canoeing.
What was it like having older boys as leaders? Theo: They were amazing. Even though they’re super old and they’re worried about College and stuff, they were just amazing. They made us laugh so much!
Sebastian: It was good. They came up with a good system for who cleans up what, it’s nice to know boys in older grades too.