A Special Reunion for the Class of 2020

In 2014, the boys in the Grade 6 class had a monthly visitor as part of the Roots of Empathy program. Kayla M. spent an hour a month in their classroom, where students got to interact with her and watch her grow, all while learning about empathy and the more practical details about raising a baby. 
Six years later, the boys in this class are now finishing up Grade 11, while little baby Kayla will celebrate her sixth birthday this summer. So, it was a special treat for all of them when Kayla came in for a pizza lunch and photoshoot with the boys. 

“It was amazing to see Kayla again,” said Jack Case, Class of 2020. “It brought back a lot of memories of Grade 6 and it was very cool to see how much she has changed and grown.” 

As the daughter of an RSGC staff member, Kayla has had the opportunity to meet some of the boys at school events and the boys have often asked about her over the years. All of the boys, however, love the idea of doing a photoshoot with Kayla every few years. 

“It would be amazing if we could pull it off,” said Jack. “Especially since we’re graduating next year, it would be a great excuse for us all to get together.”