A Unique Math Challenge

The Grade 7s recently finished a project called 1 to 100, where each boy received a unique set of four numbers and was tasked to use those numbers and their math concepts to create 100 equations that resulted in the answer of every single number between 1 and 100. 
The boys worked on this as an independent project for almost three weeks. There were a few students who reached 89 equations and at that point, they worked together as a class. STEM teachers Kate Hubbs and Ruth McArthur also invited staff, faculty and Senior School students to join in to help students reach the final 100. 

Ms. Hubbs and Ms. McArthur said that the assignment not only forced the boys to use number concepts they explored this year like fractions, integers, decimals and order of operations, but that it also created a sense of inquiry of mathematical concepts. The collaborative nature at the end of the project was also valuable. 

“It was a great cooperative project and lovely to have the senior boys come, assist and be challenged by Grade 7 problems,” said Ms. Hubbs. “It was also nice to have the kids help each other out. It wasn’t about themselves, it was about helping their classmates succeed.”

For the boys, it a good experience that generated a lot of feelings. 

“All at the same time, the boys found it challenging, frustrating and exciting. Each boy felt all of those different things going through it.” said Ms. McArthur. “It initiated a lot of great conversations about how numbers can come together and work with each other.”

Ms. McArthur, Ms. Hubbs and the Grade 7 boys are grateful for everyone who came to help.