Sharing Struggles

In the Senior School, boys were asked to take the time to write down on a card something that they’re struggle with. The cards would be shared with their classmates and posted on a wall in the main office. 
Wellness Prefect Max Livingston introduced the concept in a video and some of the others Prefects shared some examples. 

“The idea is that the boys write down something that, under normal circumstances, they don’t talk about at school, but that affects them and their mental health,” said Senior School Social Worker Andrea Kaye. “Some of the things written down ranged from “I hate math” to “I’m having trouble with my parents.” 

The boys shared their struggles thoughtfully and meaningfully. The concept of the “struggle sharing” allows boys to begin to notice that we are not aware of what is going on in other people’s lives. 

“It gives us an opportunity to be more aware, develop compassion and empathy, and also think about how we handle ourselves and reach out to others,” said Ms. Kaye. 

The boys were authentic and honest in the struggles they quietly face. Many adults also shared a struggle. 

The cards on which the anonymous struggles were written were posted in the front hall of the Senior School, along with reminders of where help is available for anyone in the community.