Mental Health Pin

The boys have a new pin to add to their lapels and while it looks a regular Georgian shield, it’s actually related to mental health. Phys Ed teacher Adrian Thornbury came up with the idea of the RSGC - coloured shield after being inspired by the indigenous medicine wheel and the concept of “mind, body and spirit”. 
The blue on the shield represents emotional wellness; the white is spiritual wellness; red stands for physical wellness including exercise, eating and sleeping well; while the yellow represents socia wellness - family, friends and community.

“This pin is a symbolic reminder of the balance needed of all the elements on a daily, weekly and monthly basis,” said Mr. Thornbury. “Normally, those elements are in a circle, but in a shield, it’s in anticipation of life’s stressors. You’re not avoiding a battle – you’re building up the strength to help yourself through.” 

Over 500 pins were handed out during Mental Health Awareness Weeks and most boys have been proudly wearing the pins on their lapels.