Headmaster’s Initiatives

This year’s donations will challenge our students to Be active, Be mindful, Belong ... Be Georgian. These initiatives will be funded by the College’s Headmaster’s Initiatives.

Be Active: Our goal is to enhance both our Physical & Health Education Program and our competitive programming through the renovation of our outdoor teaching-training space by installing a new heated turf. This surface would alter our limited outdoor space from a three-season, teaching-recreational space to a safe, year-round space that would be available for Physical Health Education classes and recreational time, such as recess. Snow removal and the prevention of ice build-up is extremely challenging for a turf surface, and it often causes the current turf to become unsafe for winter usage. The current turf, having been installed over 10 years ago, is now due to be replaced to allow for safe, year-round usage by our students and teams.

Be Mindful: A dedicated space for health, play and joy at 128 Howland Avenue
Physical activity, play and mindfulness are keys to building healthy bodies and a healthy community. These activities have been shown to improve memory, nervous system regulation, increase concentration and cognition, and promote social integration and happiness. Physical activity can also help to prevent anxiety, treat depression and improve overall mental health for people of all ages. To improve the physical and emotional well-being of students and adults at RSGC, we plan to renovate the lower level of 128 Howland Avenue to create a student hub for physical activity and mindfulness. This new space will provide opportunities for new programming, mentorship and leadership, while fostering a healthy mindset in our students. Some planned activities include gymnastics, dance, yoga, spinning and cooperative games, as well as mindfulness activities, such as meditation and relaxation exercises. The studio will be used daily as a teaching and learning space.

Belong: These initiatives reinforce, deepen and increase the understanding and experience of diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging for members of the RSGC community. We plan to continue with professional learning, the engagement of expert consultants and establishing on-campus staff leadership for this very important initiative. Recognizing the effect that isolation had on many of our students, we will invest in additional social work resources to ensure all students have access to these services to help them manage the long-term impact of pandemic.