Transparency Policy

Policy on Transparency, Openness and Engagement

The Board of Governors (the “Board” and the “Governors”) of Royal Saint George’s College (“RSGC” or the “College”) considers that transparency, openness and engagement are important values that underlie the governance of RSGC and help to build trust and understanding in the institution. These values, in the context of the governance of an independent school, help to guide how the College interacts with the community it serves. Such community includes: staff and faculty; current and former students; current, former and prospective parents; and, neighbors who live and work in the vicinity of the College. The commitment to transparency, openness and engagement includes:
  • Information – making information available regarding the Board and its practices and procedures
  • Communications – periodic reporting to the community on Board activities
  • Board Nominations – maintaining an open and inclusive process for the nomination of Governors
  • Governor Activities – establishing and sustaining a visible presence of the Board and the Governors in the community
Accordingly, the Board has passed this policy on transparency, openness and engagement.

The Board will work towards implementing the following, while identifying and instituting new means of interacting with the community as it may determine to be appropriate from time-to-time.
The RSGC website shall include a section on the governance of the College, including:
  • a list of the Board of Governors and brief biographies of each Governor
  • a description of the nomination process for Governors
  • a copy of the College’s By-laws
  • a copy of all policies adopted by the Board
  • the mandate and membership of committees established by the Board
  • a summary of minutes of prior Board meetings and agendas for upcoming Board meetings
  • such other information about the Board and its practices and procedures as the Board may determine to be appropriate
The Chair of the Board will report to the community on a periodic basis on the activities of the Board by printed newsletter, electronic communication or otherwise.
In addition, the Board will hold an annual “Town Hall” event, to which members of the community will be invited for the purposes of informing the community regarding the Board’s activities in the preceding year and its goals for the upcoming year.  In addition, the RSGC Alumni Association and the Parents’ Guild will be invited to co-host the annual Town Hall event in order to present reports on their activities and goals, and solicit questions, comments and suggestions from the community.

The Board’s Nomination and Governance Committee shall review annually the composition of the Board and shall identify areas of skill and expertise necessary to enable the Board to carry out its responsibilities appropriately. In the process of identifying candidates to serve on the Board or its committees, it shall take into account those skills and expertise. On an annual basis, the Nomination and Governance Committee shall advise the community of the skills and expertise it has identified and seek nominations from members of the community, as appropriate.

Governor Activities
The Board will encourage Governors to participate in events and activities of RSGC and to have a visible presence at those events.

Each of the foregoing is subject to the determination by the Chair of the Board at any time that there are compelling reasons to limit the particular activity or information for privacy, legal or other reasons.

This policy on transparency, openness and engagement became effective on May 28, 2012.

If you have any questions or concerns, or wish to obtain further information about this Policy, please contact Adrian Lang, Chair of the Nominations and Governance Committee.