Curriculum Night

Ketchum Hall

6:00 Curriculum Night for Grade 9-12 Parents in the Chapel. Families of students enrolled in the Senior School are encouraged to attend this informative event.

After a welcome address from the Headmaster, parents will follow their son's timetable and meet all of his teachers. During "spares", parents should feel free to stop by the Guild Library, where they can speak with Ms. Laura McPhedran, Learning Centre Coordinator; Ms. Cathie Gryfe Seeley, Learning Centre Strategist; Ms. Emma Totten, Coordinator of Global Partnerships and Real World Connections; and Ms. Andrea Kaye, Social Worker.
Parents are also welcome to drop into the Administrative Office to meet with Mr. Paul O'Leary, Head of Senior School; Mr. Michael Ruscitti, Director of Teaching and Learning, Senior School; and Nick Van Herk, Director of University Counseling


RSGC is pleased to offer onsite parking both on the Tarmac (via Howland Ave. entrance) and underground parking in the Parking Garage (via Albany Ave. entrance).

We encourage all participants to use alternative means of transportation - carpooling, TTC, walking etc -  to reduce the vehicular traffic in the neighbourhood. As part of our commitment to be good neighbours, we ask that all guests refrain from parking on neighbourhood streets. Please respect the need of our Annex neighbours to park near their homes.

You may additionally access local green P parking.