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Royal St. George's College is an urban day school that combines academic excellence with a stimulating and supportive environment. Founded in 1964, the mission of our College is to challenge and inspire each boy to become the best version of himself.

RSGC offers a challenging program of academics and co-curricular activities designed to prepare students for placement at the university of their choice. Our high academic standards, strong support system and our expectation that students will participate in athletics, music, the arts, public speaking and outdoor education makes for a well-rounded education.

Founded in 1961 as an Anglican choir school, we continue to value our musical heritage and Anglican values. We welcome and respect the faiths of all boys in our diverse population. Our community is based upon the principles that we respect one another, take responsibility for our actions and have the right to respectfully use our voices to make our views known. The size of the school population, approximately 445 boys, ensures that each student is known, respected and appreciated for his unique strengths and that he forms close, positive relationships with both peers and faculty.
"I have watched my son mature into a well-rounded and respectful young man with a healthy curiosity and a real sense of caring about his broader community."
~ RSGC Parent

RSGC Mission & Values

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  • Our Mission

    To challenge and inspire each boy to become the best version of himself.
  • To challenge and inspire…

    Our teachers challenge and inspire boys to reach higher and go further. Our teachers ignite and model a love of learning. Our programs open the minds of our boys to new horizons, new thinking and new possibilities.
  • each boy…

    We value the uniqueness of each boy. Each boy will be “known and loved.” Each boy will be challenged and supported academically, athletically, artistically, socially and emotionally.
  • to become the best version of himself…

    The best version of himself understands that “manners maketh men.” The best version of himself is an inquisitive, creative and collaborative problem-solver, and has a strong academic preparation that opens doors in his future. The best version of himself is engaged in a breadth of experiences, takes initiative and honours his commitments. The best version of himself is cultivated through authentic relationships with outstanding educators who are passionate about their students and learning. 
  • The best version of himself is a Georgian.

    We believe that our world needs more Georgians. Our College will continue to evolve so that each Georgian develops a special set of attributes. Our aspiration is that each Georgian:
    • is inquisitive, creative and collaborative
    • is resilient and able to adapt and thrive
    • has moral character and spiritual strength
    • is kind, polite and caring
    • has a global mindset and community awareness
    • takes initiative and honours his commitments
    • values continuous learning
    • gives back to his communities
    • continues to be engaged in the Georgian community throughout his life
  • Our Values

    Our values are guiding beliefs and principles that inform our decision-making and behaviour throughout the College, from the boardroom to the classroom.

    Known and Loved: Each boy is understood and valued.

    Manners Maketh Men: We value manners and demonstrate respect through our actions.

    The Power of Community: We believe in the power of collaboration, working together and building community.

    Action with Integrity: We are guided by moral and ethical principles and are accountable for our actions.

    Spirituality Matters: We celebrate our Anglican affiliation and nurture our boys’ spiritual lives. We are inclusive and supportive of our diverse and multi-faith community.

    Learning Never Ends: We must continue to learn, to ask important questions, to explore new ideas and to be responsive to changing needs.

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