Alumni Guide the Grade 12s in Speed Mentoring Session

By Riley Wong ’12
It was a surreal feeling coming back to RSGC to help mentor the guys in Grade 12 as they struggle with their university decisions this year. To be at the College with their perspective in mind took me back a few years and it was an interesting exercise in introspection. Even being amongst the guys who are still in university made me reflect on the different chapters in my life. 
I can vaguely remember what it was like to be in this moment (mine was in Ketchum Hall), but the questions and curiosity in the room was a definite reminder. It’s a good feeling to think the little that you know can help someone else make a big decision in their life; it brings you full circle and reminds you how far you’ve come.

I hope the guys left this session with a small sense of reassurance. It’s a seemingly daunting task to make this decision; but I’ve learned from the little I know that you figure things out, one way or another. 

I wished the guys good luck and left them with the message to enjoy their last year at RSGC. Being back at the College brought back so many memories; and while it can feel like we’re always rushing to figure out what’s next, it’s also good to stop and enjoy the moment that you’re in. That’s something I was reminded of sitting in my Grade 12 biology classroom for the first time in six years.