Working the Front Lines: Hunter Durand, Grade 11, Grocery Store Worker

When Hunter Durand, Grade 11, took a part-time job at the Summerhill Market in September, working 13 hours a week as a cashier and grocery bagger, he had no idea that within six months, he would become part of a group of essential frontline workers being recognized as heroes.
Yet, despite the fact that he is now in a job considered “risky”, he still feels safe and enjoys going to work.
“We’ve had to take some precautions – we have a plexiglass shield, we wear gloves, sanitize and wash our hands every hour,” said Hunter. “We’re split up into two teams and we never come into contact with each other. We have social distancing in place. It’s always a bit concerning whenever you’re working because some people get close, but they’re only allowing a certain amount of people in the store at a time. You never want people to feel like they’re at risk.”
As for Hunter, the job has helped him put things in perspective.
“I’m the only person there my age and the only part-timer – at least in the cash department,” he said. “For most people there, it’s their livelihood, so this is giving me a new perspective on what people are going through. The fact that we got a pay raise is nice. It has also been nice that some of the customers thank us – that makes me feel really good.”
According to Hunter, his parents aren’t worried about him going to work at the Market.
“My parents aren’t too concerned about it. They’ve been reading the news, and they have visited the store and made sure everything is alright,” said Hunter. “They’re happy that I can still talk and interact with people.”
Thank you, Hunter, for all that you do!