FYP Develops Budding Consultants

For the fifth straight year, Grade 9 students are engaged in their Foundation Year Projects (FYP). In previous years, boys have been asked to research a problem and try to find a solution; however, for the second year in a row, they are teaming up with community partners, who come into the school to present an authentic challenge they are currently facing.
The students must analyze the information, brainstorm different ideas and produce an eloquent solution. 

FYP kicked off before the Christmas break when five community partners came to present their problems. MLSE is looking for solutions for the Toronto Maple Leafs to drive engagement with a young fan base; the Make a Wish Foundation is looking for enticing ways to raise $10,000, which is the cost of a wish; Sienna Living Care Community needs a redesigned ground floor; Overflo hotline needs funding, marketing and promotion; while the Rekai Centre requires more volunteers. 

“It was incredible to see the energy and attention that our students brought to the presentation sessions,” said Senior School Director of Teacher and Learning, Mike Ruscitti. “It’s also a wonderful opportunity for the boys to go through a personality self-evaluation. 

Not only might the businesses benefit from the insight of the students, but the boys are also being challenged and gaining some valuable skills from FYP. 

“They’re learning how to manage their time outside of class and they’re getting to see problems that exist in real businesses,” said Business Teacher Rickesh Kotecha, one of the teaching team members, along with Mike Ruscitti, Matt Mooney and Emily Johnson. “They’re also gaining essential skills that are above and beyond the curriculum like communication, collaboration, problem-solving, teamwork, creativity, leadership, empathy and entrepreneurial skills.” 

FYP will culminate in a pitch night at the College. Everyone is eager to see what the budding consultants will develop, which will hopefully result in some creative and inspiring solutions for the community partners. All are invited to the showcase night on March 3 in Ketchum Hall. Mark your calendars!