Working with the Chocolate Doctor

Mardi Michels
The Cooking Basics boys had the privilege of working with Kerry Beal, aka The Chocolate Doctor, this week. Kerry's not only a chocolatier, but also a doctor AND an inventor and she's invented a machine that tempers chocolate perfectly, no mess no fuss. This means you are able to produce beautiful, glossy chocolates that look like you've bought them at an exclusive boutique!

The boys learned how to work with chocolate in a number of different ways - we used molds to make solid chocolate frogs and dinosaurs, we dipped Oreos and Twizzlers in chocolate and decorated them and we learned how to make many types of chocolate bark. The boys also all received beautiful chocolate dragons from Kerry (all we need is a chocolate St George now!). I'm sure the boys had sweet dreams last night :)

Thanks Kerry for taking the time to work with our smallest Georgian Cooks.