Coming Summer 2019

Over the past four years, a major focus of the College has been to enhance the learning environment of the Junior School.
It all began with the renovation of Ketchum Hall. Ketchum, like the Chapel, is the only space at the College shared by all students. It has been transformed from a simple dining hall into a Great Hall. Our kitchen facilities were also expanded and improved to provide for a variety of “home-style” menu choices. This has allowed us to feed our boys fresher products and create more food from scratch as part of a wholesome approach to cooking and eating.
In addition, the creation of more open spaces like the Junior School Foyer and Learning Studio now provide for informal meeting and collaborative work space for our boys. All classrooms have been refreshed, with enhanced lighting and air quality, which have translated into more desirable places for teaching and learning.
This year, we enter the final phase of the Junior School Redevelopment Plan, which will focus on our Middle School. We know their physical space is an important aspect of our boys’ learning. By creating flexible learning spaces for our Middle School students, we are fostering important strengths such as critical thinking, collaboration and problem solving.
The final phase includes a re-imagination of the lower level classrooms in the Junior School. What had previously been two classrooms will be completely opened up to create a single, flexible, multi-purpose learning space. Students will have the opportunity to learn together, then break out into smaller studios and nooks to work collaboratively. This construction will be completed during the summer months of 2019.