Your generosity and your trust allowed us to act quickly.

The Headmaster’s Initiatives Fund exists to allow our Headmaster to respond to the most urgent needs of the College. Never in the history of the College has the need to keep our students and staff safe been more vital. 

Your generosity to last year’s annual fund appeal allowed us to quickly make health and safety upgrades, so our families could return to campus with confidence that students would be safe. 

Financial Aid

Your generous and immediate response to the Georgian Unity Fund allowed us to address a 38% increase in student financial aid requests. This fund was created to ensure that none of our boys were unable to continue at the College because of the financial hardship brought on by this global pandemic.

Air Quality and Ventilation

We have installed new bipolar ionization technology across the learning spaces on campus that disinfects the air within the buildings by neutralizing particulate matter, bacteria and viruses. Studies have shown it eliminates 93 to 99% of airborne pathogens. 

Physical Layout

We have repurposed spaces such as Ketchum Hall, the Chapel and the Blackbox theatre to create classrooms, which allow us to maintain the two metres of physical distance between student desks and between students and teachers. Additionally, we’ve created separate physical areas on campus for Grades 3 and 4; Grades 5 and 6; Grade 7; Grade 8; Grade 9; Grade 10; and Grades 11 and 12. Each of these domains has a separate entrance with handwashing station and separate bathroom facilities. Additional portable washrooms, inclusive of hot water faucets, are located throughout the campus. PPE is also made available to our staff daily.

Additional Spaces

Additional funds were spent on IT needs to outfit various common areas that were transformed into new classroom spaces and on faculty, as we now have more classes to supervise. Tents, new outdoor seating and new athletics (low-touch) equipment such as lacrosse equipment were also purchased.

Full-Time Registered Nurse

Our building at 128 Howland has been repurposed and is now housing isolation rooms for any individuals showing symptoms of illness in the school. We have hired a full-time registered nurse, Nurse Kelsi, to care for our students and staff. Funds were used to outfit our sick rooms with items such as HEPA UV filters, beds, and necessary medical equipment and supplies.

Addition of Plexiglass

Plexiglass barriers have been added to many areas of the campus including reception areas, lab classrooms and office areas. 


Signage has been increased throughout the campus including spacing reminders and directional indicators for hallways and staircases.


We have increased housekeeping staff to be able available during the day for ongoing surface cleaning in each of our buildings. They are trained in the best disinfection protocols and safety methods to help prevent the transmission of viruses. Electrostatic sprayers allow for the rapid sanitization of classrooms during the day. All of our buildings have a thorough deep cleaning after school hours each day.