Back to School Information

We are excited to have your sons back on campus and are working hard to prepare for their return to school. There is a lot of information on this page. Please read and review carefully with your son to understand expectations and timing.  

We look forward to seeing the boys on campus soon!

The Details

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  • Student Groupings and Cohorts

    All students were divided into two groupings; A (alpha by last name, A-L) and B (alpha by last name, M-Z), to allow for half the students on campus to meet health guidelines and regulations, while the other group is at home learning independently. Unfortunately, these groupings are not flexible for changing from one group to another. This process provided us with the greatest ability to predetermine our section sizes while allowing some flexibility of course changes to maintain A/B splits and allow for students to be physically distanced in rooms without going beyond any room cap. 

    In Grades 9 and 10, the two groups were then further divided into four A cohorts and four B cohorts of roughly 9-10 students to allow for even splits and a balanced schedule. Students were assigned to their specific cohort by a team of faculty and administrators based on dynamics and understanding of relationships.
  • Prescreening App

    We are using the app MyMedBot for pre-screening and ask parents to complete this every morning, even if their son(s) is at home. No adult or student will be admitted onto campus without daily pre-screening.

    Before arrival at school, parents/guardians must attest to their son’s health before he will be granted entry into the school. Upon arrival, your son will display his smartphone at his corresponding entry door indicating his health screening is complete. Students who are identified as not having fulfilled this requirement will be sent to the school nurse to fill out the questionnaire so that they may enter the school building. 

    It is important that parents/guardians select “push notifications” so they can be reminded when they have not submitted their son’s prescreening.
  • Masks

    All community members are required to wear masks inside all buildings. Students are required to bring 3 to 5 masks every day. The only time masks will be removed is for eating lunch. Students will have to keep masks on while outdoors during recess and lunchtime and during Phys Ed class.

    Types of masks - Students in Grades 9 to 12 must have a 3-layer disposable mask. Cloth masks may only be worn layered with disposable masks. 
  • Drop Off & Pick Up

    In order to avoid traffic and large groups of students waiting, it would be beneficial to all if you can find an alternative pick up or drop off location proximate to the campus that is safe, and senior students can walk a short distance to campus. 

    Dropoff: If you drop off your Senior School son on campus, please drive through to the tarmac. Please drive through the Howland Avenue entrance, drop your student passengers on the tarmac (do not get out of your car), and leave carefully out the driveway turning left onto Albany Ave. 

    Grade 9 students are welcome to be dropped off on Albany Avenue (Grade 9 entry) if you can keep from holding up traffic, and find space on the left-hand side of the road. Please do not pull up onto any curbs or sidewalks. 

    Pick Up: Layby - Grades 9-12. Please coordinate with your son to arrive precisely as he is dismissed. 

    Albany Avenue will have less traffic. Grade 9s: the left shoulder of the road where there is space available. It would be ideal if families only arrive when their son is already outside waiting. You can then come to a stop without holding up traffic, he can enter the vehicle and then leave. Please do not arrive early and take up parking spaces on the street. 

    Drivers are asked to remain in their vehicles for all pickups and drop-offs. 

    Please be respectful of our neighbours, please do not drop off while upon any sidewalks or curbs. Occasionally there is space south of the Albany exit from the campus for quick drop-offs or pickups, to the left-hand side of the road. 

    Student drivers are reminded that they may not park on any perimeter street of the college, including Wells, Albany, Barton or Howland Ave. Students who park in these areas will be asked to remove their cars immediately. There is public parking around the corner behind Walmer Rd. Baptist Church.
  • School Start Times & Entries

    Grades 9/10          Grades 11/12
    8:15 P1   8:30 P1
    2:30 Dismiss 2:30 Dismiss

    Boys should arrive at campus no later than 10 minutes prior to the start of class so they are prepared and ready to go for the designated P1 start time. 

    There are designated areas for boys to spend time prior to class start, should they arrive earlier. 

    Grade 9 Entry/Exit Door: Albany Avenue

    Grade 10 Entry/Exit Door: Main Entry next to Turf

    Grade 11/12 Entry/Exit Doors: Music Entrance, Chapel Entrance, Science Wing Entrance
  • Expectations upon Arrival

    • Prescreening must be completed by a parent/guardian (or the school nurse, if necessary) prior to entering the building
    • Wearing a mask before entering
    • Sanitizing/washing hands upon entry
  • Hallways

    Physical distancing signs and directional arrows for hallways and stairs will be displayed. Students are expected to adhere to the signage in order to protect themselves and others.   

    Bathrooms will be designated for use based on adult, Grades 11/12, 9, and 10. The maximum capacity will be 1-2 students based on the size of bathroom. 
  • Classroom Protocols

    Students and faculty will be required to sanitize their hands upon entry to any classroom. 

    Seating has been arranged for six ft. physical distancing. 

    Assigned seating will be implemented. Students are not to change seating assignments throughout the duration of the Day 1 cycle in each course until assigned new seating for the Day 2 cycle. Students in Grades 9 and 10 will be assigned new seating assignments when determined by the Grade 9 and 10 teaching teams.  

    Students and faculty are required to wipe down their desks and chair (Lysol wipes and glove provided) before leaving a room that might be occupied by others at a later time.
  • Course Changes

    Currently, there continues to be room for some course changes; however, not all changes are possible due to class caps based on classroom capacity. The deadline for course changes will no longer be available following the end of the first cycle ending on Day 2, Thursday, October 8. 

    Grade 11 and 12 schedules are now live for viewing. Students who do not have enough courses for the minimum enrollment (7 for Grade 11 and 6 for Grade 12) or have conflicts in their schedule can resolve these concerns by reaching out to Mr. O’Leary.

    Students who completed summer credits need to make sure that final reports are submitted in order to have those credits transferred to their transcripts. They can do so by sending a PDF of the final report to Mr. O’Leary. As well, they should indicate, once completed, if they wish to drop courses they no longer need in their schedule. 
  • Spares & Leaving Campus

    Students are not permitted to leave campus and return. Students who sign out for lunch, spares or appointments may not return to classes that day. Students with a P1 spare are encouraged to arrive for their P2 class, and students with a P4 spare are encouraged to leave following P3, unless they have an appointment or school business with a teacher or group.

    There is designated space for students on spares.
  • Lunch

    Senior School students who are part of the lunch program are receiving their food by cohort in a temporary servery set up behind 128 Howland Avenue. If your son is not registered for the lunch program, they may purchase a retail lunch; however the boys are not allowed to leave campus to get their lunch. They should bring their snacks and lunch with them to school including their own cutlery, if required. All contents of your son’s lunch box will remain with him during the entire day and will be returned with him after school. There is no retail option at break.

Details on Academic Plans & Facility Upgrades


We want to hear from you with any questions you have about health, safety and returning to school. We’ll do our best to provide answers. Please send your email to and your question will be addressed as soon as possible.

School Uniform

It is important to remember that students will not have access to lockers or change rooms during the day at school. They will have their belongings with them at all times. As such, the uniform policy has been modified and will remain so until further notice.

It is essential that students wear laundered, clean clothes to school every day. Boys in the Senior School are given the option of wearing either their RSGC summer uniform or the RSGC Phys ed uniform on the days when they are on campus. The summer uniform includes:

Summer Dress 
  • An RSGC white collared dress shirt (long or short sleeves)
  • RSGC grey trousers and belt
  • Any comfortable closed-toe shoe including running shoes
  • Socks
An RSGC sweater, quarter-zip or hoodie are all acceptable in cooler weather.

Students in Grades 9 and 10 are encouraged to wear their RSGC phys ed uniform to and from school during the 10-day cycle in which they have physical and health education classes.

Students enrolled in Personal Fitness (PAF4O) in Grades 11 and 12 are also encouraged to wear their RSGC Phys. ed. uniform to and from school during the 10-day cycle in which they have physical and health education classes.

The Phys. ed. uniform includes: 
  • RSGC athletic shirt or house shirt
  • RSGC shorts and sweatpants
  • RSGC quarter-zip or RSGC athletic hoodie - cool weather
  • Ties, blazers and black dress shoes are not required.

What cannot be worn: 
  • Slides, sandals or other opened toed shoes
  • Hats of any kind
  • Non-RSGC hoodies or any other non-RSGC wear
  • Sunglasses